Posted On: Jan 13, 2021

Amazon EMR Release 5.32 now supports Amazon EMR on EKS. For more details on getting started with EMR on EKS, please see our documentation.

Amazon EMR Release 5.32 now supports EMR Studio preview. For more details on getting started with EMR Studio, please see our documentation

Amazon EMR Release 5.31 and later support S3 Encryption Client Version 2 (S3EC V2) for various security enhancements with S3 Java SDK releases 1.11.837 and later. For more information, please see our Amazon S3 blog post, AWS SDK for Java Developer Guide, and the EMR Management Guide.

Amazon EMR Releases 5.30 and later support Amazon EMR Managed Scaling which could save you up to 60% of your costs compared to fixed size clusters, depending on your workloads. Please see our blog to learn more.

EMR 5.30 and later versions support Tez UI and YARN timeline server interfaces for both active and terminated clusters. For more information, see Persistent Application User Interfaces documentation.

EMR 5.18 and later versions support EMR Notebook execution APIs, which help you parameterize and execute EMR notebooks via orchestration tools such as Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow and cron scripts or via AWS CLI. See EMR API Actions for more documentation.

EMR 5.32 is generally available in all commercial regions where Amazon EMR is available. Please see Regional Availability of Amazon EMR and our release notes for more details.

Modified 9/13/2021 – In an effort to ensure a great experience, expired links in this post have been updated or removed from the original post.