Amazon Linux 2023

Develop and run cloud applications with enhanced security 

Use the latest AWS features and access an integrated experience optimized for Amazon EC2.

Get frequent minor updates, in addition to full control over how and when you install them.

Access new major versions biannually and receive five years of support with each version. 

Meet your compliance needs with preconfigured SELinux policies and set security policies at boot time.

How it works

Amazon Linux 2023 (AL2023) provides an application environment that offers long-term support with access to the latest innovations in Linux.

Diagram shows how you can streamline your update management and ensure compliance with Amazon Linux 2023.

Use cases

Simplify upgrade processes

Ensure deterministic behavior and streamline integrating OS updates into frequent integration and deployment environments.

Improve consistency with version locking

Consistently apply updates across all your instances by locking them to a specific repository version.

Enhance your security posture

Set the system crypto policy to FUTURE or LEGACY, lock down SELinux, and set SELinux to enforcing or permissive mode.

How to get started

Discover Amazon Linux 2023 features

Review information about upgrading, locking, hardening, and patching.

Set up Amazon Linux 2023

Discover how to install and set up Amazon Linux 2023.

Start using Amazon Linux 2023

Build your Amazon Linux 2023 plan in the AWS Management Console.

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