DataOps Solution enables automated delivery orchestration of your data pipeline by reducing cycle time

Today’s data pipeline is complex, confusing, and costly. Customers are grappling with how data can be delivered fast and continuously with agility and assurance. Customers need more efficient ways to manage the end-to-end delivery of data to consumers that bridges together people, process, and technology. The Cognizant AWS DataHyperloop Solution is an end-to-end build and deployment DataOps solution. It delivers automated orchestration of data pipelines through acquisition, integration, transformation, and consumption enabling data delivery and monitoring to happen seamlessly and without interruption. Our solution provides continuous integration (CI), continuous testing (CT), and continuous delivery (CD) automation for data asset moving on the AWS Cloud Systems to speed up data delivery and overall quality.
The solution continuously integrates code review, unit testing, automated approval gate, and data deployment to lower and higher environments. Applying continuous testing practices and monitoring features to assure customers have a simplified and effective approach to data delivery. This solution will optimize the cost of operations in analytics, reduce the cycle time, and eliminate the foundational data issues in the data pipeline. 

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Automated data app deployment

Automated code analysis, review, packaging, testing, monitoring, and deployment using code pipeline.

Automated data validation

Automated data validation between each ETL layer to ensure data consistency over time.

Easy third-party tool integration

Bring in the flexibility with third-party tools such as GitHub, SonarQube, DataDog, and Collibra.

Continuous monitoring and alert

Continuous monitoring and alerting to detect job failures, errors, compliance, security, operation issues, and send automated alerts.

  • How it works
  • Cognizant AWS DataHyerloop leverages AWS Data Oriented Services - AWS Glue ETL, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon Managed Apache Airflow, and AWS DevOps-Oriented services - Amazon Code Guru, AWS CodeCommit, AWS Code Pipeline, AWS CodeBuild, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS X-Ray, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CloudFormation template, and Cognizant Data Validation Studio. These services form the core of this solution.

    The DataHyerloop Solution is a fully managed continuous integration and delivery solution to help manage your data application and data pipeline deployment. It will automate and orchestrate all the processes like static code analysis and review, data application build, data pipeline execution, data testing (using Cognizant Data Validation Studio), data security scanning, and data application deployment on target environments. These stages can also be customized for process additions or deletions per customers' requirements. When developers at the customer's end push changes to their code repository, the DataHyerloop solution automatically activates to execute the previous stages in order to ready the data application for deployment on target environments. Continuous monitoring and alerting to detect job failures, errors, compliance, security, operation issues, and notify to the stakeholders. Whether your challenge is optimizing the cost of operations, reducing cycle time of analytics or something as simple as eliminating the foundational data issues in the data pipeline. The DataHyperloop solution will be able to assist you in eliminating these day today problems.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Trigger the DataOps CICD Pipeline

    When changes are pushed to CodeCommit, infrastructure changes are deployed and the pipeline is triggered.

    2) Execute DataPipeline

    AWS CloudWatch Event reads the Cloud Trail logs for code changes and execute test data ingestion to validate.

    3) Code coverage and code analysis

    Data application code is checked for code coverage, code scanning, and errors.

    4) Email notification for approval

    An email approval notification sent to POC for review and approval to deploy the code to next environment.

    5) Continuous data validation testing

    Layer based data validation testing is performed to identify data movement and encounter any inconsistencies.

    6) Data application deployment

    After successful completion of all prior stages, the changes are deployed to the production environment.

    7) Continuous monitoring and alert

    Monitor overall pipeline to detect job failures, errors, compliance, security, operation issues, and notify stakeholders.

  • Customer contribution
  • Current state analysis

    Walk-through the current data pipeline architecture, granular view of processes, and high lead time tasks.

    Enterprise-wide accepted tool chain

    Provide details of enterprise-wide accepted tools for CI-CD-CT and continuous monitoring

    Business motivator and goal

    Business process owner to identify the business motivator to move towards DataOps.

    Access to services and tools

    Customer to provide licenses and access to third party tools.

    Security policies and compliance

    Customer to provide access to their security policies, procedures, and compliance.

    Release and infrastructure capacity

    Provide guidance on release velocity, automated solutions for capacity planning, and setup environment.

  • About this consultant
  • Cognizant (Nasdaq-100: CTSH) is a global professional services companies, transforming customers’ business, operating and technology models for the digital era. It engineers modern businesses to improve everyday life. Its unique industry-based, consultative approach helps customers transform technology, re-imagine processes, and transform experiences ensuring businesses remain agile, relevant, and ready to run more innovative and efficient businesses. In partnership with AWS, it focuses on the outcomes that matter most to businesses and underpin its solutions with deep industry experience and market-leading IP. Cognizant brings more than 6,000 AWS certified professionals, dedicated AWS certified consultants in 43 countries, hundreds of customer launches and successes, and more than 70 transformational blueprints to drive innovation beyond cloud migration.

    As an AWS Premier Partner offering consulting services, Cognizant hold numerous AWS competencies, including AWS Mainframe Migration, AWS SAP, AWS Migration, AWS Financial Services, AWS Healthcare, and AWS Life Sciences. Partner programs include AWS Well Architected, AWS Managed Service Provider, AWS Marketplace Seller, AWS Solution Provider Program, and AWS Public Sector Solution Provider.

  • Architecture diagram

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