AWS Connected Mobility Solution


The AWS Connected Mobility Solution (CMS) is a vetted reference architecture that aids automotive OEMs and suppliers in their journey to becoming mobility service providers. It contains building blocks to accelerate the development and global deployment of connected vehicles and services. AWS CMS includes software modules to securely manage the lifecycle of in-vehicle edge compute, machine learning inference models, cloud data ingest, storage, business logic, and APIs to power applications in the cloud.

The solution was built by AWS using lessons learned from hundreds of customer engagements and thousands of CMS software developer activations. Production deployments range from e-scooter fleets with tens of thousands of units to global rental car and OEM fleets scaling into the millions of connected vehicles. Automotive OEMs have reduced their connected vehicle costs by moving from fixed on-prem IT infrastructure to pay-as-you-go serverless resources based on AWS.


Build connected vehicle systems more quickly using well architected services proven to scale versus building from scratch

Gain knowledge from AWS’ experience working with hundreds of automotive suppliers and manufacturers

Reduce cost per connected vehicle by moving from dedicated on-prem IT infrastructure to serverless cloud resources

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