Q: Can I deploy the Cross-Region Replication Monitor in any AWS Region?

A: Customers can deploy the CRR Monitor in any AWS Region that supports AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis Firehose.

Q: What happens if object replication fails?

A: If the object replication fails, an AWS Lambda function logs the event in Amazon CloudWatch, triggering a CloudWatch alarm that sends an Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notification to the subscriber.

Q: Do I have to use Amazon Kinesis Firehose to archive my data?

A: The solution uses a Firehose delivery stream as part of an optional solution feature to archive replication data in Amazon S3. You can choose to disable this feature (due to regional availability or other reasons) during initial configuration of the AWS CloudFormation template. If you disable data archiving, you can use the Amazon S3 inventory feature to get a daily or weekly replication status for your objects.

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