What does this AWS Solutions Implementation do?

The Voicemail for Amazon Connect solution helps call center administrators and managers automate a voicemail solution using Amazon Connect. A customer can call in, enter the extension number of the agent they want to speak with, and leave a voicemail for that specific agent. This solution generates voicemail recordings and transcripts that are delivered to agents using their preferred communication setting: SMS and/or email.

This solution launches a web portal that administrators and managers can sign in to and configure voicemail settings for each agent. They have the options to transcribe the voicemails using Amazon Transcribe and decide whether to send the voicemail recording as a .wav file or an encrypted Amazon S3 URL.

In 30 minutes or less, your customers can leave voicemails for Amazon Connect agents who will receive emails and/or text messages with the voicemail recordings and transcripts.

AWS Solutions Implementation overview

The diagram below presents the serverless architecture you can automatically deploy using the solution's implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

Voicemail for Amazon Connect | Architecture Diagram
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Voicemail for Amazon Connect solution architecture

The AWS CloudFormation template configures a serverless architecture that includes Amazon Kinesis Data Streams that Amazon Connect uses to stream contact trace record (CTR) events. The CTRs that Amazon Connect emits help determine the start and end time of each audio recording waiting to be processed. It uses an AWS Lambda function for CTR events that pass through Kinesis Data Streams. The Lambda function checks the configured transcript preferences in the voicemail system and initiates a transcript job using the Amazon Kinesis Video Streams data provided by the CTR.

The template includes three Amazon DynamoDB tables: a DynamoDB table that stores agent extensions and voicemail delivery preferences; a DynamoDB table that stores the global configuration options, including encryption, transcription, and approved countries for SMS notifications; and a DynamoDB table that stores the timestamp, transcription metadata, storage location, and transcribe job status for the recordings. It stores recordings in an Amazon S3 bucket.

The template uses an AWS Lambda function invoked by transcription-ready Amazon EventBridge (Amazon CloudWatch Events) events. The Lambda function uses the events provided by the transcribe service, IN_PROGRESS | COMPLETED, to deliver transcripts and audio recordings to agents. Another AWS Lambda function is invoked by DynamoDB events to deliver transcripts and recordings based on agent delivery preferences. This Lambda function creates a presigned URL using an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user role, which was automatically generated by the AWS CloudFormation template and the Signature Version 4 signing process. AWS Secrets Manager stores the IAM user credentials–the access key and secret access key. Both keys are used together to create the presigned URL.

The template creates and deploys the Voicemail for Amazon Connect Management Portal.

Voicemail for Amazon Connect

Version 1.0.2
Last updated: 09/2020
Author: AWS

Estimated deployment time: 30 min

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SMS and/or email delivery of voicemail messages

Agents can receive voicemails via SMS messages with embedded playback links, email messages with attachments, or both.

Voicemail transcription based on Amazon Transcribe

Along with recordings, agents can receive transcriptions of messages performed using Amazon Transcribe.

Visual interface for administration of voicemail users and settings

Administrators and managers can use a graphical user interface to manage users and settings.

No fees beyond the cost of AWS services used while running the solution

A typical 60-second voicemail costs $0.035, with no other fees or charges for using the solution.

Source code available; customizable by customer or by AWS Partner

A GitHub repository offers customers access to the full source code, customizable by anyone.
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