AWS Ops Automator

Vertical Scaling for the AWS Ops Automator

What does this AWS Solution do?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers its customers several methods to help automate manual tasks such as snapshot scheduling. However, it can be a challenge to automate these tasks on various AWS resources across multiple regions and accounts.

To help customers more easily manage cross-account and cross-region automation, AWS offers the AWS Ops Automator solution. This solution enables customers to easily configure schedules to automatically create, copy, and delete Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots, and copy and delete Amazon Redshift snapshots. The solution also enables you to automatically set the throughput capacity for Amazon DynamoDB on a schedule.

The AWS Ops Automator is designed to provide a core framework for automated tasks, allowing you to focus on extending the solution's functionality rather than managing the underlying infrastructure operations. The solution can be customized to include task audit trails, logging, resource selection, scaling, API request retries, completion handling for long tasks, and concurrency handling.

AWS Solution overview

AWS offers a solution that allows you to use time-based or event-based triggers to automatically manage AWS resources across regions and accounts. The diagram below presents the components and functionality you can build using the AWS Ops Automator implementation guide and accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

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AWS Ops Automator architecture

The AWS CloudFormation template launches the core framework, which includes a suite of microservices (AWS Lambda functions) that manage triggering events, resource selection, task execution, concurrency control, and completion. An Amazon DynamoDB table stores task configuration data, which defines the triggering event, how the task should be performed, which resources will be selected by the actions, and where these resources are located. Solution-generated AWS CloudFormation templates configure tasks based on parameters you define, and the roles necessary to perform actions across accounts.

The solution tracks all steps in the process, the selected resources, and the results of the actions, including possible errors, in a DynamoDB table. The solution also leverages Amazon CloudWatch Logs for logging. Finally, warning and error messages are published to a solution-created Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topic which sends messages to a subscribed email address.


Easy to deploy reference implementation

The AWS Ops Automator is easy to deploy and enables customers to use time-based or event-based triggers to automatically manage AWS resources.


The solution is designed to accommodate task processing for a large number of resources.

Included actions

The AWS Ops Automator includes a set of actions that you can use to configure automated tasks. An action consists of metadata that specifies which resources and properties to select from AWS services, the aggregation level of the selected resources, the permissions required to access and modify that resource, and the code that implements the action logic.

Daily backups

The solution creates a daily backup of the Amazon DynamoDB configuration table.
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