Machine Learning

Machine learning in the hands of every developer and data scientist

At Amazon, our mission is to share our learnings and Machine Learning capabilities as fully managed services, and put them into the hands of every developer and data scientist. AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners provide solutions that help organizations solve their data challenges, enable machine learning and data science workflows or offer SaaS based capabilities that enhance end applications with machine intelligence.

The Machine Learning solutions showcased here are part of Solution Space, an AWS website that includes solutions that are based on architectures validated by AWS, include a combination of AWS services and APN Partner technologies, can be deployed quickly with solution accelerators like AWS Quick Starts, and feature optional consulting offerings to accelerate your cloud transformation. These solutions feature APN Partners that have attained the AWS Machine Learning Competency.

Introduction to Amazon Machine Learning

Data Science Platform solutions


A data science platform on the AWS cloud allows data scientists and business analysts to develop better products and deliver more impactful results to the business. Data science platforms simplify infrastructure management, accelerate projects, and make delivery to stakeholders simpler.

DataRobot Cloud on AWS

Become an AI-driven enterprise with automated machine learning.
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Domino Data Science Platform

Accelerate the development and delivery of data science models for teams of all sizes.
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Hyperparameter Optimization solutions


Hyperparameter optimization is the process of improving the learning algorithm that powers your machine learning model by tuning constraints, weights, learning rates, and other hyperparameters. Hyperparameter optimization solutions on AWS allow you to dramatically improve the performance of your model and maximize its predictive accuracy.

SigOpt on AWS

Automate the tuning of your model's hyper, feature, and architecture parameters.
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