Infosys Analytics Workbench on AWS

Enabling data scientists to reduce time spent on data acquisitions and preparation and increase their impact with self-service analytics

Organizations dealing with islands of data and heterogeneous technology landscapes need products that go beyond specializing in discovery, blending, or modeling to integrate these capabilities with model management and consumption. With Infosys Analytics Workbench (AWB), organizations can overcome the barriers that lead to an inefficient analytics lifecycle by leveraging a platform for self-service analytics.

Infosys AWB provides best-in-class capabilities for data discovery, wrangling, analytical modeling, model management, visualization, and self-service model consumption to deliver end-to-end self-service capabilities for data scientists and analysts alike.

This solution is supported by Infosys Ltd, an APN Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Data & Analytics Competency holder.

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    Solution highlights: ­

    • Reduce Time to Insight and Action: Cut experimentation time by up to 10x and time to market by up to 40%
    • ­Streamline Development: Pre-built integration reduces development efforts by 30+%
    • ­Improve Model Accuracy: Leverage larger training data sets for up to 20x higher model accuracy
    • ­Simplify Integration with Existing Investments: Visualization and charting capabilities make it easier to communicate insights

    Key features:

    • ­Smart data catalog for self-service data discovery
    • ­Best-in-class data wrangling capability around structured and semi-structured data across multiple sources, enabling data scientists to do more across their data landscape
    • ­Analytics Marketplace for data scientists to publish models and business users to consume models in a self-service manner
    • ­Support for popular engines as well as scalable model execution to address emerging needs

    AWS Data & Analytics Competency Partners deliver cloud data integration and analytics implementations, integrate relevant AWS services, and accelerate the ramp-up of new users. This solution was developed by Infosys, an APN Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Data & Analytics Competency holder.

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    Infosys AWB empowers data scientists and analysts with self-service analytical platforms to create and modify models for diagnostic and predictive analytics. Users can leverage pre-built analytical models, model combination workflows, and plug in and refresh mechanisms. After models are created, they can be published with user-friendly self-service interfaces for easy business user adoption.

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    The solution can be obtained directly from Infosys. Browse the links below to get in touch with the Infosys customer team.  


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