Announcing the startups selected for the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founders cohort

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As part of our $30 million commitment to provide underrepresented founders with the resources, capital, and community they need to level the startup playing field, we are announcing today the 20 companies that will participate in the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founders Cohort. The program kicks off this week in our HQ in Seattle and closes in 8 weeks, with an investor pitching day in New York—including the Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony, which is set to foreshadow a successful journey to the Latino-led companies that joined this cohort.

Increasing Latino-led startup funding

Despite representing one in five people in the U.S., Latinos are still significantly underrepresented in venture funding. “This cohort of the AWS Impact Accelerator aims to highlight the viability and ingenuity of Latino-led startups, so the VC community can increase support to these founders,” said Howard Wright, Vice President and Global Head of Startups at AWS. “We’re looking forward to playing an active role in helping these companies turbocharge their growth through access to capital, experts, and all of the innovations that the AWS tech stack has to offer.”

Consistent with previous cohorts, the 20 members of this cohort were selected from a competitive field of applicants which included over 1,100 submissions, and chosen by a diverse committee of AWS startup experts based on the strength of their idea, technical readiness, and interviews with our team.

Presenting the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Cohort

New for this cohort, AWS accepted applications from startups headquartered in the U.S. but offering products and services to customers in Latin America. Almost half of the accepted companies are operating the region, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico—this compounds the positive effect of the AWS Impact Accelerator to more people in more places.

Each of the selected startups was paired with mentors and technical experts that will advise them throughout the 8-week program. They will also receive up to $225,000 in cash and AWS Activate credits, curated training curriculum, introductions to AWS leaders and teams, networking opportunities with potential investors, and ongoing advisory support. Founders also have the opportunity to build their network and foster friendships and partnerships with their fellow program participants that will outlast the intensive 8 weeks.

United States & Puerto Rico startups

Alvva| Founder: Sergio Torres | Location: California

Industry: Financial Services

Alvva is an immigration platform built for the 21st century, offering immigrants to the U.S. a bilingual one-stop shop for filling out forms and getting financing for government fees. The company was built by founders who moved to the U.S. in pursuit of a better future, and who understand the barriers immigrants face when trying to file an immigration form.

DivySci Software | Founder: Ariana Abramson | Location: New York

Industry: Education

DivySci is a communication platform that provides real-time personalized feedback to adult learners, helping them develop practical digital communication skills for the workplace. Their robust speech technology platform covers diverse multi-cultural backgrounds to deliver objective measurements of communication signaling and behavior change algorithms for on-demand equitable learning.

Ease | Founder: Mario Amaro | Location: Texas

Industry: Healthcare

Ease is a fintech platform that offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive solution to start, grow, and manage their private practices. The platform features care delivery infrastructure, bookkeeping, and payroll services, as well as real-time payments, making it easier for practitioners to handle financial transactions and focus on delivering quality care. To date, they’ve helped build over 300 practices and are backed by top investors Slauson & Co. and Precursor Ventures.

EducUp | Founding team: Carlos Raul Garcia, Yusnier Viera, Yamel Barroso | Location: Florida

Industry: Education

EducUp is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered educational platform that enables online educators to create gamified, engaging content for learners worldwide. With a rapidly growing community of 1.5 million students and a diverse course catalog, the company is transforming the online education space by making learning enjoyable, accessible, and effective for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

GamerSafer | Founder: Rodrigo Tamellini | Location: California

Industry: Gaming

GamerSafer is an innovative technology company that provides comprehensive security solutions for gaming platforms to protect their players from fraud and other crimes, as well as abuse and harm. With cutting-edge identity management software that uses computer vision and AI technologies, this cross-platform solution currently protects over 15 million players across 53 countries.

Lazo Fintech Inc | Founder: Juan Manuel Barrero | Location: Florida

Industry: Financial Services

Lazo is an all-in-one solution offering cost-effective legal, financial, and investor relations services for pre-seed, seed, and Series A startups. With a comprehensive ecosystem of tools— including a dashboard, data room, and Verified Customer stamp—Lazo enables founders to focus on product and traction, while ensuring they’re always venture capital (VC)-ready.

Leantime | Founders: Gloria Folaron & Marcel Folaron | Location: North Carolina

Industry: Developer Tools

Leantime is an open-source project management system that enables anyone to plan and execute projects using a combination of design thinking, lean, and agile best practices. With Leantime, even non-project managers can define project strategies, set goals, ideate solutions, plan timelines, and deliver on tasks without requiring any prior project management experience.

Monadd | Founder: Jessica Mendoza | Location: Florida

Industry: Financial Services

Monadd is a fintech and consumer tech company that simplifies and automates home bill management, empowering residents to take control of their bills and subscriptions through their AI-powered software. They work with property management, real estate, and relocation companies to ensure liability-free spend and services management for residents.

PilotoMail | Founders: Sofia Stolberg & Juan Carlos Stolberg | Location: Puerto Rico

Industry: Remote Work

The PilotoMail platform offers virtual mailboxes and mail management automation for remote workers and co-working operators. Its user-friendly interface helps users manage postal mail efficiently, while also enabling mailbox renters to access, track, and manage their mail and packages from anywhere in the world. It’s a compliant mail solution designed for the decentralized age of work.

Sign-Speak | Founder: Yamillet Payano | Location: New York

Industry: Hard Tech

Sign-Speak is an innovative technology company that provides automated American Sign Language recognition, transcription, and production to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) individuals communicate effectively in any situation, both in-person and online. Their solution uses animated signing avatars for impromptu interactions to create a more natural, dynamic communication experience for all.

STIGMA | Founder: Ariana Gibson | Location: Illinois

Industry: Wellness/Fitness

STIGMA is an award-winning mental health mobile app that provides anonymous one-to-one support in a low pressure atmosphere through text, audio, and video messages from people who share similar experiences. The app works with vetted mental health and wellness providers to offer members easy access to relevant resources and trusted mental health content.

Latin America (LATAM) startups

Cogniflow | Founder: Marcelo Martinez | Location: Colombia | US HQ: New York

Industry: Analytics, AI

Cogniflow is a no-code AI platform that allows entrepreneurs, scientists, and non-technical professionals to easily integrate AI into their daily tasks. Users can access pre-built AI models or create their own models using GPT-4 to solve a range of problems, from facial recognition to medical imaging analysis, increasing productivity and streamlining operations.

Deskfy | Founder: Victor Dellorto Toscano | Location: Brazil | US HQ: Delaware

Industry: Retail

Deskfy is a marketing portal that helps brands streamline their marketing operations and distribute promotional assets to their stores and branches, complete with insightful campaign reporting. It’s a leading Brand Management solution in the LATAM market, with global growth ambitions driven by successful partnerships with Audi, Levi’s, and Domino’s Pizza.

Fielder | Founders: Carolina Nanni & Jorge Villatoro | Location: Mexico | US HQ: Delaware

Industry: Marketplace

Fielder is an Enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) that digitizes, automates, and manages specialized technical services, including service orders documentation, asset and inventory management, and business intelligence for the future of work. They empower specialized technicians for better economic opportunities while optimizing costs and scaling flexibility for customers across industries such as information technology (IT), telecommunications, and more.

Kigüi | Founding team: Mauricio Kremer, Maximiliano Dicranian, Gonzalo Castro Peña | Location: Mexico

Industry: Food/Beverage, Sustainability

Kigüi is a money-saving grocery app that helps users find and buy discounted food close to its expiration date. Users can also get cash back by submitting their receipts and helping others find discounted products, creating a positive impact on the environment, community, and individual expenses. Kigüi is committed to both eliminating food waste and helping low-income households.

Kuentro | Founding team: Julio Pazos, Manuel Romero, Deivis Millan, and Hector Tamayo | Location: Venezuela

Industry: Sourcing/Recruiting

Kuentro is an affordable hiring platform that caters to middle- and working-class job seekers. The recruiting tool offers a space for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to share job listings and make qualified hiring decisions—all without the need for a large human resources (HR) budget. The platform has a community of over 150k users, with 10.5k job offers and 360k applications.

Outtrip | Founders: Liliana Barck & Gonzalo Rico | Location: Argentina | US HQ: Delaware

Industry: Travel/Tourism

Outtrip is software for tourism adventure in Latin America. It helps small and medium tour operators streamline their operations through an easy-to-use booking system, customizable trip itineraries, and real-time availability updates. Outtrip helps operators save time, effort, and costs, while providing exceptional adventure experiences for their customers.

Panda Salud | Founders: Angela Cois & Guillermo Mogollán | Location: Mexico

Industry: Healthcare

Panda Salud is a one-stop-shop platform that connects healthcare small businesses with diagnostic test providers, online pharmacies, and medical equipment vendors to improve healthcare experiences and affordability. By fixing the fragmentation of the healthcare market in Latin America, Panda Salud empowers doctors and clinics to deliver better care.

Tienditapp | Founder: Luis Andrés Hernández | Location: Mexico

Industry: Freight

Tienditapp is an app that connects micro mom-and-pop stores with manufacturers and providers through a last-mile delivery model. Users can digitize supply chains, access fintech solutions, and analyze point-of-sale data to reduce logistics costs and develop new strategies at the point of sale. Tienditapp aims to serve 1,000 micro mom-and-pop stores in Mexico and more than 20,000 across Latin America by 2025.

TuCuota | Founding team: Juan Pablo del Peral, Fernando del Peral, Santiago del Peral, and Federico Isas | Location: Argentina

Industry: Financial Services

TuCuota is a fintech startup serving 100+ clients from diverse sectors. The company streamlines recurring payment collections for organizations in Latin America by consolidating multiple payment providers into one API. TuCuota’s mission is to provide a seamless, user-friendly platform that reduces operational costs and ensures secure payment experiences for customers.

Denise Quashie

Denise Quashie

Denise Quashie is Head of Global Startup Marketing Programs, where she leads the global programs and events team for AWS Startups, including the virtual and in-person AWS Lofts, AWS’ first- and third-party event showings for startups, and she is the creator and head of the AWS Impact Accelerator Program, a $30 million investment by AWS in providing underrepresented founders with the resources needed to scale their early stage startups faster. Based in New York City, Denise has been with AWS for 4.5 years. Prior to her role at AWS, she ran BarkWorld, a mobile marketplace startup that matched pet influencers with brands for influencer marketing opportunities, before successfully exiting the company as it was acquired by Belvoir Media

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