Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the new AWS Startups website. Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the new website, AWS Activate program, credits and Showcase.

Profile and membership

How do I sign in?

What is an AWS Builder ID?

How is an AWS Builder ID different than an AWS account?

Do I need to be an AWS Activate member to access the AWS Startups website?

What is AWS Activate?

How do I become an AWS Activate member?

AWS Activate program

Why should I become an AWS Activate member?

Do I need to be an AWS Activate member to access the AWS Startups website?

How do I sign up to join AWS Activate?


What is Showcase?

How do I create a Showcase profile?

How do I record my feedback?

Can I share my Showcase page on social media?

AWS Activate Credits

Who can apply for AWS Activate credits?

Do I need an AWS account to apply for AWS Activate credits? What permissions do I need to access the Activate credits application and Showcase?

What are the benefits once I am approved for AWS Activate Credits?

How do I apply for AWS Activate Credits?

I chose a wrong AWS Account while submitting my Activate credits application or entered the wrong information in my application e.g. wrong email address. Can I change my application now?

How long does it take to process Activate Credit applications?

I do not have all the application information right now. Can I come back later to fill and submit my application?

What is an Organization ID (Org ID)?

I have received AWS credits from AWS EdStart or other AWS credit program. Does this make me ineligible for AWS Activate?

I’m associated with more than one AWS Activate Provider. Can I apply for AWS Activate credits more than once?

How many times can I benefit from a specific AWS Activate Provider’s offer?

My startup has received AWS credits previously from AWS Activate Portfolio. Am I eligible to apply again?

Can I submit more than one application at the same time?

I am a founder of two startups. One of my startups has already received AWS Activate credits. Can I apply again for my second startup?

What can I use AWS Activate credits for?

What’s not covered by AWS Activate credits?

How do I use my AWS Activate credits?

How are my AWS Activate credits applied to Reserved Instances or Saving Plans?

Where can I find details about my AWS Activate Credits including credit usage and their expiration date?

How are my AWS Activate credits applied against my bill? Can I use them to cover historical AWS bills?

I have a question about how AWS Activate Credits affect taxes on my bill. Who should I contact?

Why did I receive a different amount of AWS Activate credits than what I applied for?

My AWS Activate credits were used by mistake. Can I get more credits?

Can I transfer or sell my AWS Activate credits?

Can I share my AWS Activate credits with associated accounts? How are AWS Activate credits shared among parent and child accounts?

I have received multiple AWS Activate credit offers that vary in credit amounts from the same AWS Activate Provider e.g. $5,000 USD, $25,000 USD, and $100,000 USD. If I accept one, will that make me ineligible for the others?

Can I apply multiple times with the same Org ID?

My credits are about to expire. Can you extend the expiration date of my AWS Activate credits?

Can my AWS Activate credits be refunded or re-issued?

Do AWS Activate Credits expire?

AWS Support

What are the AWS support plans available for me if I have been approved for AWS Activate credits?

How do I access and enroll AWS Support?

How do I open a support case using AWS Support?

How does billing for AWS Support plans work?

I have received AWS Activate credits as part of my AWS Activate Founders or Portfolio benefits. What happens if I already have an AWS Support plan?

Can I use my AWS Activate credits to cover AWS Enterprise or Reseller support plans or AWS Service bills?

Can I get more AWS Activate credits to use for support?

AWS Activate Providers

What is an AWS Activate Provider?

I am an AWS Provider. How do I update my contact information or find out more information about my AWS Activate benefits?


I have questions about my AWS billing and account. Where can I find answers?

I applied for AWS credits through AWS Activate. However, they aren't showing up in my account. What could be causing this?

Why wasn’t my credits application approved?

My credits application was declined because AWS Activate was unable to confirm my association with my AWS Activate Provider. What should I do?

I am a current AWS Activate Provider, Activate Exclusive Offer Provider or AWS member. Can I use the AWS Activate logo on my website?

I tried to apply for AWS Activate, but received a technical error. What should I do?

What is the status of my application for credits?

I have a China or Hong Kong AWS account but I am unable to apply for AWS Activate. Can you apply AWS Activate credits into my AWS account?

My AWS account is suspended. How do I apply for AWS Activate credits?

Why are my AWS Activate Credits not covering my outstanding AWS bills?

Can I claim a portion of my AWS Activate credits now, and receive the rest at a later time?

I have reviewed the Activate FAQ and Activate website, but cannot find the answer to my question. Who should I contact?

While completing my AWS Activate credit application, I received an “Unable to link your account” error message. It says my AWS Account has already been linked to an AWS Builder ID. What should I do?

Build on AWS

What is Build on AWS, and why should I use it?

How does Build on AWS work with AWS Services?

What if I need help deploying a template?

How much does it cost to deploy a Build on AWS template?

Will my AWS Activate Credits cover the bills from Services deployed through Build on AWS templates?

What if I need a template that isn’t offered? How can I provide feedback?

AWS Activate Console

What is the Activate Console?

Who can access the AWS Activate Console? Do I need to do anything to get access?

Is the AWS Activate Console available globally?

What languages are supported?

What type of resources can I expect to find in the AWS Activate Console?

How can I make the AWS Activate Console more personalized to my needs?

My credits are about to expire. Can you extend the expiration date of my AWS Activate credits?

Do I need an AWS account to view the AWS Activate Console?

Can I invite other startups I know to the Activate Console?

I am an Activate Provider, can I use the AWS Activate Console?

Can my team members also access the AWS Activate Console?

Are there specific IAM user roles I need to enable to access all resources on the Activate Console?

How do I redeem an AWS Activate Exclusive offer?

I’d like to complete the getting started tips on the AWS Activate Console but lack the visibility necessary. How can I see whether Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and budget alerts have been set-up on my startup’s root account?

Are AWS Activate Console events logged to AWS CloudTrail?


How do I register for an event?

How can I find events specific to my needs?

How will I be reminded of upcoming events?

I am on the waitlist. How do I get a confirmed spot?

I registered for an online event. How do I join?

How do I check in for in-person events?

How can I manage my event registrations?

Can I leave feedback for the event?