Amazon Database Migration Accelerator

Accelerate and de-risk your migrations to AWS Databases & Analytics services

Migrate with confidence to meet your business objectives

Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (DMA) helps customers accelerate and de-risk their migrations from relational database and analytics systems (commercial or open source) to AWS Databases and Analytics services and enjoy cloud adoption benefits such as cost savings and performance improvements. DMA offers complementary migration advisory services to create migration strategy, solution, and implementation plans, or unblock ongoing stalled/delayed migrations.

Migrating applications and databases can be technically challenging for several reasons. This includes the need to have in-depth knowledge of multiple programming frameworks, database technologies, performance, devops, and security considerations, and engineering bandwidth to conduct migrations is sometimes limited. By leveraging migration proven practices, automation, and migration experts, you can mitigate challenges and be confident on successful completion of migration implementation in a timely manner.


Access to AWS Migration Experts

Leverage AWS migration experts with a combined experience of more than 100,000 hours assisting customer migrations to AWS Databases and Analytics Services.

Migrate faster

Accelerate your migrations by using automation. This includes DMS Fleet Advisor for discovery, DMS Schema Conversion for database conversion, and AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) for data migration.

Mitigate risk

Use proven practices for all migration activities across discovery, assessment, estimation, implementation, testing, and deployment phases.

Use Cases

Unblocking Ongoing Migration

Unblock ongoing migrations by inspecting the migration plan, and offer proven patterns and targeted steps to get the migration back on track.

Choose future state architecture

Create a migration solution that maps the workload’s current architecture with one or more feasible future state architectures that meets the customers’ objectives.

Mitigate risk

Create a detailed migration implementation plan that covers migration activities across discovery, assessment, estimation, implementation, testing, and deployment phases.

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