Accelerate mortgage document processing

Mortgage companies often need to process large volumes of diverse document types to extract business-critical data. Today, lenders are faced with the challenge of managing a manual, slow, and expensive process to extract data and insights from documents. To help address the issue, Amazon Textract Analyze Lending improves business process efficiency through automation and accuracy, reducing loan processing costs and providing the ability to scale quickly based on changing demand.

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Automate with high accuracy

Classifying and extracting key data from a range of document types is a complex manual process, which is not only time consuming but also error prone. Analyze Lending lets you automatically process a variety of document types with high speed and accuracy while reducing human error.

Reduce costs

Manually extracting information from mortgage documents is costly. You need to extract critical data points from hundreds of pages of loan applications. Analyze Lending helps automate this process and significantly lower operating costs.

Scale quickly

Your demand can fluctuate substantially, leading you to allocate resources to process documents manually. Analyze Lending can process mortgage documents automatically and reduce reliance on human reviewers, allowing you to scale on demand.


Amazon Textract Customer PennyMac Image


“Reduced document processing time from several hours to minutes”

Eric Barrow, SVP, App Dev at Pennymac Loan Services, LLC


Partners and Resources

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