Learn about recommended job roles for AWS Cloud environments and see how on-premises roles compare to cloud roles

This self-paced course presents presumed job roles applicable to an enterprise-level AWS Cloud environment. It starts by presenting on-premises roles to be used as a comparison. It also covers what infrastructure as code is and how job roles can evolve depending upon adherence to a DevOps model using infrastructure as code.




Digital, Self-paced


30 Minutes

This course teaches you how to:

  • Identify the job roles and realms of responsibility in a cloud environment
  • Compare existing on-premises job roles to cloud roles
  • Determine the competencies for the highlighted roles
  • Describe what infrastructure as code is and its benefits
  • Discern how infrastructure as code can affect the division of job responsibilities

This course is designed for business decision makers and is intended to help them identify potential organization changes. Additionally, it can provide valuable information to those in any cloud or on-premises role, by illustrating the potential responsibilities and competencies of cloud roles.


This course covers the following concepts:

  • Classic IT Roles
  • Cloud Roles
  • Cloud Roles and Infrastructure as Code
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