Machine Learning: Data Platform Engineer

Learn how architecture, data, and storage support advanced machine learning modeling and intelligence workloads

This path is designed to prepare data platform engineers for how machine learning (ML) will change data ingestion, system requirements and performance, and the customer experience for the systems, services, and applications they support. Progress through fundamental, intermediate and advanced courses, and supplement your learning with optional courses.


Machine Learning for Business Challenges

Machine learning (ML) can help you solve business problems in ways that weren't possible before—but you've got to think big.

ML Building Blocks: Services and Terminology

Clarify the machine learning stack and the terms and processes that will help you build a good foundation in machine learning.

Exploring the Machine Learning Toolset

No matter what your background or experience, you can use machine learning. In this course, we’ll show you some of the AWS machine learning services you can use to build models and add intelligence to applications.

Process Model: CRISP-DM on the AWS Stack

Walk through the CRISP-DM methodology and framework and then apply the model's six phases to your daily work.