Posted On: Sep 4, 2013

We are excited to announce Amazon ElastiCache for Redis which makes it easy for developers to set up, and operate Redis engine in the cloud.

Customers requiring in-memory performance have taken advantage of Amazon ElastiCache to offload the operational responsibilities of their Memcached clusters. With this launch, Amazon ElastiCache brings the same ease of management to Redis. Applications involving gaming, social networks, and media sharing type workloads, and needing a data structure server will find Redis most useful. Below are the key highlights of the service:

  • Easy Administration: Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is a fully managed Redis service with features to manage setup and configuration, security, monitoring, and handling of node failures.
  • Replication Support: Amazon ElastiCache for Redis allows you to create replicas for your Redis node in different AWS Availability Zones and allows the failover of the node to one of the replicas.
  • Seamless Integration: If you are running Redis on EC2, you can transfer its contents to a new Amazon ElastiCache for Redis node. You may also attach a Redis node running on EC2 to an Amazon ElastiCache for Redis node.
  • Simple Pay as You Go Pricing: Pick the node type that fits your application’s memory requirements. Pricing begins at $0.022/hour for a micro cache node. Refer to Amazon ElastiCache pricing for more details.

A few clicks in the AWS Management Console is all it takes to get your Redis node running on AWS. You can also launch a Redis cluster within minutes using AWS CloudFormation. AWS CloudFormation provides an easy way to create and manage a collection of AWS resources, provisioning and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion. Click here to launch a Redis node with a connected PHP app. Alternatively, download the sample ElastiCache Redis template for future use with CloudFormation.

With the Amazon ElastiCache Free Usage Tier new AWS customers can get started with a managed caching service in the cloud for free. Customers eligible for the AWS Free Usage tier receive 750 hours per month of a t1.micro Cache node. You can learn more by visiting the Amazon ElastiCache detail page or the AWS blog post, or join us for a webinar on ElastiCache for Redis on September 26. Sign up here >>.