Amazon ElastiCache

Unlock microsecond latency and scale with in-memory caching

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Boost application performance, reducing latency to microseconds.

Scale with just a few clicks to meet the needs of your most demanding, internet-scale applications.

Reduce costs and eliminate the operational overhead of self-managed caching.

Build with your choice of Redis or Memcached, two popular open-source caching technologies.

How it works

Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed, in-memory caching service supporting flexible, real-time use cases. You can use ElastiCache for caching, which accelerates application and database performance, or as a primary data store for use cases that don't require durability like session stores, gaming leaderboards, streaming, and analytics. ElastiCache is compatible with Redis and Memcached. 

ElastiCache In-memory Data Store and Cache

Use cases

Accelerate application performance

Access data with microsecond latency and high throughput for lightning-fast application performance.

Ease backend database load

Cache your data to reduce pressure on your backend database, enabling higher application scalability and reducing operational burden.

Build low-latency data stores

Use ElastiCache to store non-durable datasets in memory and support real-time applications with microsecond latency.

How to get started

Learn with simple tutorials

Explore how to create a subnet group and cluster, and connect to a node.

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Start building

Check out the ElastiCache for Redis and Memcached user guides to get started.

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Connect with an expert

From development to enterprise-level programs, get the right support at the right time.

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