Amazon ElastiCache

Real-time performance for real-time applications

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Realize microsecond response times across hundreds of millions of operations per second and up to 1 pebibyte of data (with data tiering).

Attain 99.99% SLA with Multi-AZ deployments and bolster disaster recovery in less than a minute through cross-Region replication.             

Achieve cost-optimized performance by adding a cache for frequently read data to optimize resources and lower total cost of ownership.

Build applications quickly using popular open-source technologies, Redis and Memcached, and easily integrate with other AWS services.                     

How it works

Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed, Redis- and Memcached-compatible service delivering real-time, cost-optimized performance for modern applications. ElastiCache scales to hundreds of millions of operations per second with microsecond response time, and offers enterprise-grade security and reliability.

ElastiCache In-memory Data Store and Cache

Use cases

Lower total cost of ownership

Cache your data and offload database I/O to reduce operational burden, lower costs, and improve performance of both the database and the application.

Real-time application data caching

Store frequently used data in-memory for microsecond response times and high throughput to support hundreds of millions of operations per second.

Real-time session stores

Store ephemeral session data to quickly personalize gaming, e-commerce, social media, and online applications with microsecond response times

Real-time leaderboards

Simplify application development with ElastiCache built-in data structures.

How to get started

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