Posted On: Jul 17, 2017

Lambda@Edge is now generally available for all customers. You can use this new AWS Lambda feature to run Node.js functions across AWS locations globally without provisioning or managing servers, allowing you to deliver richer, more personalized content with low latency to your customers. 

You just upload your code to AWS Lambda and configure it to be triggered by Amazon CloudFront events (i.e., viewer request, viewer response, origin request, and origin response). When a related request is received by CloudFront, it is routed to the optimal AWS location close to the viewer for execution. Lambda@Edge then executes your code, and scales with the volume of requests across CloudFront’s global network. With Lambda@Edge, you can run code to customize web pages based on each individual request, create custom authentication logic that executes globally and simplify the delivery of secure custom headers. In addition, you can now make remote network calls to access resources on the internet on origin facing events, and generate dynamic web content from scratch realtime and inline with your requests. Together, this functionality allows customers to deliver richer, more personalized content at low latencies for their end users. 

Lambda@Edge functions can now be authored in US East (N. Virginia), and will be replicated globally for invocation in response to CloudFront events.  

To learn more about how Lambda@Edge helps developers, visit our documentation