Posted On: Aug 8, 2018

Amazon Rekognition is now available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) and Asia Pacific (Mumbai) regions.

Amazon Rekognition is a deep learning-based image and video analysis service that can identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content. With Amazon Rekognition, customers can easily integrate image and video analysis into their applications with automatic metadata extraction. This metadata can be used in various ways, such as verifying identities for facility entry, reviewing user-generated content, enhancing search capabilities, and automating manual workflows.

K-STAR Group, an entertainment company based in South Korea that provides concert ticketing and payment services. “A recurring pain point at concerts is the long line that attendees wait in to provide proof of their purchased paper ticket and then have it validated at the entrance,” says Hyojin Kim, Chairman at K-STAR Group. “To solve this issue, we developed a ‘Face Ticket’ service using Amazon Rekognition. Now, attendees can voluntarily opt-in to quickly verify their purchase rather than waiting in line to get tickets or scan their paper ticket upon entrance. The concerts we support no longer have lines and the attendees have enjoyed the convenience and fun experience of using our new ‘Face Ticket’ system. When we were developing this service we compared Rekognition with other local facial analysis services, and we ultimately decided to use Rekognition due to its scalability with S3 and the seamless integration with other AWS services.” is one of the world’s largest online matchmaking services, helping people around the world meet their life partners through a curated database of verified profiles. Great photos are critical to a positive user experience. To ensure photos are appropriate and conform to the site's guidelines, uses a team dedicated to reviewing user-uploaded photos. Automation promised to streamline the process, but the resource requirements in its previous environment were prohibitive. “Automating photo review on traditional infrastructure would have required us to procure, deploy, and manage multiple applications as well as new hardware,” says Ajay Poddar, Vice President of Engineering. Instead, adopted Amazon Rekognition using a combination of AWS Lambda serverless compute and custom APIs. “Using Amazon Rekognition, we quickly and affordably automated a highly complex process,” says Poddar. “We expect to reduce the time it takes for a picture to appear on a user’s profile by 95 percent, and we have cut manual work by 50 percent.”

You can start building with Amazon Rekognition today using the Amazon Rekognition Console or by referring to the documentation. For Amazon Rekognition Image and Video pricing details by region, please see this page.