Posted On: Jul 9, 2020

You can now use the new Amazon Redshift console Amazon Redshift in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. The new user interface and new features simplify management and improve insights into the health and performance of your Amazon Redshift clusters and workloads.  

The new Amazon Redshift console provides you new capabilities such as pause and resume and changing node type for a cluster with elastic resize. You can also now schedule your cluster operations such as pause and resume, and elastic resize. 

The new monitoring dashboard in the new Redshift Console makes it easier for administrators to monitor all of their Redshift clusters from a single page by unifying all relevant information such as availability status, cluster and query performance, events, and alarms. This lets administrators quickly understand activity associated with their workloads. 

The new console reduces the time needed to understand and optimize query performance by allowing users to search for and explore queries, and then drill down to visualize query plans and execution statistics. It also gives users the ability to correlate execution time with cluster performance metrics and provides in-place optimization recommendations.  

You can now easily explore partner solutions that integrate with Redshift directly from the Redshift console using the Marketplace widget.  

For more information, see the documentation.