Posted On: Aug 14, 2020

AWS License Manager now allows customers to enforce assignment rules when they bring their own licenses to EC2 Dedicated Hosts. Software licenses such as Windows Server and SQL Server often require customers to keep the licenses assigned to dedicated hardware for a specified period. Customers can now manage such assignment rules using AWS License Manager by specifying the period for which the license should remain assigned to EC2 Dedicated Hosts. 

Customers can specify their EC2 Dedicated Hosts management preferences, such as host allocation, host capacity utilization, and instance placement in AWS License Manager. AWS then takes care of these management tasks on customer’s behalf, and allows them to launch instances on Dedicated Hosts just like they would launch an EC2 instance with AWS provided licenses. The ability to enforce assignment rules further simplifies the Windows and SQL Server bring-your-own-licenses (BYOL) experience on AWS.

AWS License Manager makes it easier to manage your existing software licenses from vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM to AWS, and centrally manage these licenses across AWS and on-premises environments. See the AWS Region Table for the list of all regions where License Manager is currently available. AWS License Manager is offered at no additional charges. Visit the AWS License Manager web page, documentation and frequently asked questions to learn more.