Posted On: Aug 12, 2020

AWS Storage Gateway expands international availability of the AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance to several AWS Regions in Asia Pacific, South America, and Canada, and streamlines ordering through the AWS Console. The hardware appliance is now available for shipping to more international destinations in addition to the US and Europe. The ordering process is now streamlined to comply with corporate procurement policies for purchasing IT equipment. Customers can now request sales quotes and submit purchase orders directly on the AWS Console. 

The hardware appliance is a validated server configuration that is pre-loaded with the Storage Gateway software. The appliance is managed from the AWS Console or API and is designed for customers with environments that lack availability of virtualized infrastructure. It provides a simple out of the box deployment experience that does not require any additional infrastructure. With this launch, customers can easily and seamlessly order the hardware appliance directly on the AWS Console. 

Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service that provides on-premises applications access to virtually unlimited cloud storage using NFS, SMB, iSCSI, and iSCSI-VTL interfaces through file, tape, and volume gateways. You can use the service for backing up and archiving data to AWS, using on-premises file shares backed by cloud storage, and providing on-premises applications access to in-cloud data. 

The Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance is now supported in 16 AWS Regions. To learn more, read the launch blog, visit the AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance product page, and view the documentation. Access the Storage Gateway console to get started.