Posted On: Sep 29, 2020

Customers now can use D-Wave’s Advantage system on the Amazon Braket quantum computing service. The new Advantage quantum processing unit (QPU) has more than 5000 qubits with 15-way connectivity to enable researchers and developers to explore larger, more complex quantum optimization problems.

Amazon Braket now provides access to two D-Wave QPUs: the Advantage QPU and the existing D-Wave 2000Q QPU. The new Advantage QPU has two-and-a-half times more connectivity than the D-Wave 2000Q system, which enables the embedding of larger problems with fewer physical qubits. Customers can easily use both QPUs and switch between them, by using the Amazon Braket managed notebooks, the downloadable Braket SDK, or the Braket plugin for the D-Wave Ocean SDK.

Customers access both D-Wave systems through Amazon Braket in the AWS US West (Oregon) Region. Pricing for both systems is the same. To learn more, visit the Amazon Braket product page and documentation or get started with sample quantum annealing notebooks in the Amazon Braket Console