Amazon Braket

Accelerate quantum computing research

Benefits of Braket

Easily work with different types of quantum computers and circuit simulators using a consistent set of development tools.
Build quantum projects on a trusted cloud with simple pricing and management controls for both quantum and classical workloads.
Run hybrid quantum-classical algorithms faster with priority access to quantum computers and no classical infrastructure to manage.
Reserve dedicated device access and engage directly with quantum computing specialists using Braket Direct

How it works

Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service designed to help speed up scientific research and software development for quantum computing.
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Use cases

Accelerate scientific discovery with tools for algorithm development and support from the AWS Cloud Credit for Research Program.

Push the boundaries of quantum hardware research with easy access to superconducting, trapped ion, and neutral atom devices. 

Bring software for quantum computing to market rapidly with Amazon Braket’s software development kit (SDK), simple pricing, and workflow management.

Contribute new quantum applications and influence software features, tools, or plug-ins that would make development simpler.

Quantum Hardware Technologies

Gate-based superconducting processors

Superconducting qubits are built with superconducting electric circuits operating at cryogenic temperature. Amazon Braket provides access to quantum hardware based on superconducting qubits from IQM, and Rigetti.

Gate-based ion-trap processors

Trapped-ion quantum computers implement qubits using electronic states of charged atoms called ions. The ions are confined and suspended in free space using electromagnetic fields. Amazon Braket provides access to ion-trap quantum computers from IonQ.

Neutral atom-based quantum processors

Rydberg atom-based quantum computers take advantage of long-range van der Waals interactions between neutral atoms arranged in one, two or three-dimensional arrays that can be addressed to simulate quantum systems of interest, beyond the capabilities of current classical computers. Amazon Braket provides access to Rydberg atom-based quantum computers from QuEra Computing.

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