Amazon Braket Quantum Computers


Amazon Braket provides AWS customers access to quantum computing technologies from multiple quantum hardware providers, including superconducting, trapped ion, neutral-atom, and photonic quantum computers. Learn more about these quantum hardware providers below.
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IonQ trapped-ion quantum computers are universal, gate-based machines using ionized ytterbium atoms. Two internal states of these identical atoms make up the qubits. The execution of computational tasks is accomplished by programming the sequence of laser pulses used to implement each quantum gate operation.

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IQM's quantum computers are universal, gate-based machines based on superconducting qubits. Among many physical platforms, superconducting quantum hardware excels both in scalability and control, making it a strong contender for fault-tolerant quantum computing. For Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum applications, the unique IQM approach enables our users to experience the best quality and accuracy.

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QuEra quantum computers are based on Rydberg atom qubits, which utilize internal states of individual Rubidium atoms that are trapped and manipulated using laser beams. QuEra quantum computers can simulate the behavior of other quantum systems through analog Hamiltonian simulation.

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Rigetti quantum processors are universal, gate-based machines based on superconducting qubits. The Rigetti Aspen series of chips feature tileable lattices of alternating, fixed-frequency and tunable superconducting qubits within a scalable architecture.

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