Learning materials
The Amazon Braket console provides links to useful resources that introduce the concepts behind quantum computing, the types of quantum hardware that are available, and the role of quantum algorithms.

Quick start guides
Tutorials and sample code help you become familiar with the steps needed to design and run quantum experiments using the Amazon Braket service.


Fully managed Jupyter notebooks
Amazon Braket provides a fully managed Jupyter notebook experience that enables you to access your notebooks in seconds without having to setup compute instances and file storage. Amazon Braket notebooks come pre-installed with the Amazon Braket developer toolkit that helps you build and edit quantum algorithms that can run on any of the simulators or examples of quantum hardware that are offered on the service.

Pre-built quantum algorithms
With Amazon Braket, you can use the pre-built algorithms that we provide or use the Amazon Braket developer toolkit to design you own quantum algorithms. Our consulting partners have also developed algorithms specifically for the Amazon Braket service and we encourage collaboration between quantum developers in the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

Cross-platform developer framework
Amazon Braket provides access to a variety of quantum hardware including gate based superconductor computers from Rigetti, quantum annealing superconductor computers from D-Wave, and ion trap computers from IonQ. Each of these quantum computers have their own APIs and programming frameworks. To avoid the need to code against different quantum programming environments, Amazon Braket provides a developer framework that is technology agnostic. As different quantum technologies emerge you can be confident that your development experience will be consistent and that your work is compatible across technologies.

Build hybrid algorithms
Amazon Braket has been designed to support quantum hybrid algorithms as fully managed jobs. These algorithms combine classical optimization models and other classical functions with quantum computation in an iterative process. This is an active area of research that requires dynamic control of classical compute resources and low-latency network connections between the quantum and classical compute resources. To simplify execution and accelerate innovation, Amazon Braket automatically orchestrates classical compute resources so that you only pay for what you use.

Simulate and Run

Choice of software simulators
Amazon Braket offers both Schrödinger and tensor network based classical simulators for quantum computations. With a simple selection, you can choose the approach that best suits your requirements. For quick validation of circuit designs you can run basic simulations directly in your notebook. For larger designs you can perform on-demand simulations using the Amazon Braket service. For longer running, more complex algorithms, Amazon Braket orchestrates Amazon EC2 clusters and GPU resources to run fully managed high-performance simulation tasks.

Access to quantum computers
Amazon Braket provides access to a variety of quantum hardware, including the most recent innovations, so you can run your algorithms on the latest technologies. Amazon Braket offers access to your choice of different quantum computers, including gate based and quantum annealing superconductors, and ion trap hardware. This gives you the choice to pick the hardware system that is best suited to the problem that you are trying to solve.

Compute selection
The Amazon Braket API provides the ability to execute jobs on any of the compute options provided by the service by changing just a single line of code. The results are delivered to your preferred location in Amazon S3 for analysis.

Data encryption
Amazon Braket encrypts your data when it is transferred for processing by our quantum hardware providers. Amazon Braket also encrypts all data when it is stored and is integrated with AWS Key Management Service so that you have the option to manage access to your own master encryption keys.

Workload management and monitoring
Amazon Braket is integrated with AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) to enable monitoring of workloads, provide notifications when computational tasks are complete, and manage access control and permissions.

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