Posted On: Oct 19, 2020

AWS DataSync now offers a simplified agent setup using the agent’s local console. This enables you to set up your agent faster, and test network connectivity between your on-premises storage and AWS within minutes. 

DataSync is an online data transfer service that simplifies, automates, and accelerates copying large amounts of data to and from AWS Storage services. DataSync uses a software agent (deployed as a virtual machine) to access your on-premises storage systems. You can now use the agent’s local console to obtain an agent activation key. This enables you to activate an agent without requiring network connectivity between your workstation and the agent. Additionally, using the new network connectivity tests, you can diagnose access to all service endpoint types, test agent access to NFS, SMB, and object storage systems, and confirm correct DNS resolution by the agent. This enables you to test whether your agent can access both AWS and your on-premises storage.  

DataSync is available in 22 AWS Regions. You can learn more by reading our blog Best practices for setting up your AWS DataSync agent, or the DataSync documentation. Log in to the AWS DataSync console to get started.