Posted On: Nov 9, 2020

Starting today, Amazon Aurora Global Database is expanding its manageability capabilities to more closely match the in-region versions of Aurora. Fast Database Cloning and AWS CloudFormation are both supported.  

Aurora Global Database is a single database that spans multiple AWS regions, enabling low latency global reads and disaster recovery from region-wide outages.

Fast Database Cloning provides an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to create database clones. Cloning is useful for a number of purposes including application development, testing, database updates, and running analytical queries, all without impacting the production environment. Immediate availability of data can significantly accelerate your software development and upgrade projects, and make analytics more accurate.

CloudFormation is a service that helps you model and set up your Amazon Web Services resources so that you can spend less time managing those resources and more time focusing on your applications that run in AWS. You create a template that describes all the AWS resources that you want (like Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon RDS DB instances), and AWS CloudFormation takes care of provisioning and configuring those resources for you. You don't need to individually create and configure AWS resources and figure out what's dependent on what; AWS CloudFormation handles all of that.

You can enable Global Database on a new or existing Aurora cluster with just a few clicks in the Amazon RDS Management Console or by downloading the latest AWS SDK or CLI. Read the Aurora documentation to learn more. For a complete list of regions where Global Database is offered, see Aurora Pricing

Amazon Aurora combines the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. It provides up to five times better throughput than standard MySQL and up to three times better throughput than standard PostgreSQL together with increased scalability, durability, and security.