Posted On: Nov 13, 2020

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams adds client metrics support to its WebRTC SDK in C. Kinesis Video Streams with WebRTC enables developers to build web, mobile, and IoT devices application for real-time media and data streaming. Developers can use this capability to build applications for use cases such as home security and monitoring, camera-enabled doorbells, baby and pet monitoring, smart appliances, and more. Kinesis Video Streams WebRTC SDK in C enables IoT devices to securely connect with Kinesis Video Streams for peer discovery and media streaming. The client metrics allows developers to monitor and track performance of the applications built using the WebRTC SDK in C.  

The Kinesis Video Streams WebRTC client metrics include metrics for WebRTC signaling and multiple W3C standards compliant metrics for networking, media, and data streaming. Developers can use simple APIs to obtain various metrics to monitor application behaviors such as connectivity states, connection latencies, and statistics for media or data streaming. For example, developers can monitor media streaming quality by tracking the data packet loss as percentage of data packets exchanged for an outbound stream in a specific duration.  

To learn more about Amazon Kinesis Video Streams support for WebRTC, refer to the developer documentation. To learn more about the client metrics included in Amazon Kinesis Video Streams WebRTC SDK in C and for examples, refer to the developer documentation.  

Refer to the AWS global region table for Amazon Kinesis Video Streams availability.