Posted On: Nov 6, 2020

Amazon WorkDocs now supports the ability to change the color theme (Light or Dark) directly in the WorkDocs iOS app. With this release, you are provided full control to manage the WorkDocs specific color theme within your WorkDocs iOS setting menu independently from your device’s system wide light or dark appearance setting. By default, the Amazon WorkDocs iOS app will follow you device’s appearance; however, at any time you can override your Amazon WorkDocs application appearance by setting the theme to Light or Dark in the settings. See the user guide for specific details.  

The Amazon WorkDocs iOS application provides anytime, anywhere access to you and your team’s work documents. The application allows you to view, comment on, share, and download documents for which you have been given permissions. The Amazon WorkDocs iOS application supports uploading content, offline access to files, content preview of over 50+ file types, and search across all your WorkDocs content. 

Dark Mode and this new control to manage the color theme directly in app is offered to customers at no additional cost for all Amazon WorkDocs users on the Amazon WorkDocs iOS application and is available in all AWS regions where Amazon WorkDocs is available. To learn more about Amazon WorkDocs, or to start your 30-day trial, visit Amazon WorkDocs. To install the Amazon WorkDocs iOS application, visit the Apple Store.