Amazon WorkDocs

Content creation, file collaboration and management, simplified

Amazon WorkDocs is a secure, fully managed, content creation, file collaboration and management service, with an extensible SDK, that runs on AWS.

With Amazon WorkDocs, all your files are stored on one service. Users can create content, share files, provide rich feedback, and access their files on WorkDocs from any device. WorkDocs encrypts data in transit and at rest, and offers powerful management controls, active directory integration, and near real-time visibility into file and user actions. The WorkDocs SDK allows you to use the same AWS tools you are already familiar with to integrate WorkDocs with AWS products and services, your existing solutions, third-party applications, or build your own. You don’t have to worry about deploying updates, or patching software, and can scale users and storage up or down with a few clicks. WorkDocs offers low, pay-as-you-go pricing for users and storage, and no charge for API calls. There are no upfront commitments or long-term contracts.

Introduction to Amazon WorkDocs


Securely store content on the AWS Cloud

Amazon WorkDocs helps protect your files against both internal and external threats, and maintain regulatory compliance.

You can manage access with Active Directory to take advantage of security groups, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA), and track user and file activity in near real-time. You also control which third party applications users can access with OAuth 2.0, and use AWS CloudTrail to log API calls. WorkDocs is HIPAA eligible, PCI DSS compliant, meets ISO compliance requirements, and files on WorkDocs are encrypted in transit and at rest. With WorkDocs, you own your files. AWS does not access or use customer files for any purpose other than providing files to customers and their end users, and as legally required. You can specify which AWS Region stores user files to help maintain data locality requirements. WorkDocs runs on the world’s largest global cloud infrastructure, built to satisfy the requirements of our most security-sensitive customers.

Create, edit, and share content

With Amazon WorkDocs, content creation and collaboration is on one service and users don’t need to worry about switching applications to collaborate on shared content.

Users can create new documents, worksheets, and presentations, share with co-workers, and have them make changes to the files directly from a web browser. Users can also collaboratively edit Microsoft Office files from the WorkDocs web application. Users can share files using a simple hyperlink, invite others to contribute, and request or provide rich feedback. Users choose if links are public, or only available to others in their organization. Users can invite anyone inside or outside their organization to collaborate using their email address. If they invite someone outside of their organization, that person will create a guest user account the first time they log in to WorkDocs. There is no charge for guest users, and you can upgrade guest users to full users at any time. When providing feedback in WorkDocs, users can add overall comments or comment on specific sections of a file. Users can notify someone of a comment with @username, add a private comment, style comments with simple formatting, respond to comments in a threaded conversation, resolve comments, and filter comments. 

Access anywhere on any device

Users can access all of their files on Amazon WorkDocs from any device, whether they’re online or offline.

Users can use the WorkDocs web client, mobile applications, and WorkDocs Drive, and they can manage their files through third party applications with OAuth 2.0. They can open files using the default applications on their computer or mobile device in a few clicks, and save changes on WorkDocs. They can use WorkDocs Drive to extend WorkDocs to their desktop. WorkDocs Drive enables on-demand access to all of their files without storing them locally, and provides additional file options like sharing links, inviting users, favoriting files, storing favorites offline, and opening files in the web client to collaborate. WorkDocs Drive is available for Amazon WorkSpaces users, and is in limited preview for Microsoft Windows. Feedback and changes are automatically synced across other devices over an encrypted connection.

Get powerful admin tools

Amazon WorkDocs makes powerful administration simple with an easy to use Management Console that can be programmatically managed with administrative APIs.

You can integrate your Active Directory to manage user access, or create your own directory using the WorkDocs Management Console. You can use the AWS Management Console allows you to manage multi-factor access (MFA) with Active Directory, and the WorkDocs Management Console for storage quotas, permission groups, sharing permissions, and users. You can use the WorkDocs SDK to programmatically manage all of this through your existing solutions or applications.

Integrate with existing solutions

The Amazon WorkDocs SDK removes the complexity of building collaboration and file management capabilities into your solutions and applications with its extensible API.

Using administrative API actions, you can integrate WorkDocs with your existing solutions such as auditing, anti-virus, eDiscovery, and data loss prevention. Using user API actions, third-party applications can programmatically manage files, commenting, notifications, and sharing. You can authenticate administrative WorkDocs API actions using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and authorize user API actions using OAuth 2.0. The Amazon WorkDocs SDK is part of the AWS SDK, and integrates with other AWS services. You can easily take advantage of the power of AWS for security, monitoring, business logic, analytics, storage, artificial intelligence, and app development, and get started in minutes with the same AWS tools you are already familiar with.

Save with pay-as-you-go pricing

With Amazon WorkDocs pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the active user accounts and storage you use.

WorkDocs starts at $5 per user per month in most regions, and includes 1TB of storage per user. WorkDocs also provides a free 50 GB of storage for Amazon WorkSpace users. You can add additional user storage at local Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) rates. There is no charge for guest users, and there is no charge for API calls. WorkDocs provides a free 30-day trial for up to 50 users.

Customer references


Delhivery helps its clients enhance the online shopping experience with a complete set of services to manage the e-commerce supply chain from procurement to warehousing to packaging. Delhivery uses Amazon WorkDocs to securely share confidential information with senior executives within its organization, as well as with some external stakeholders.

“I liked the simplicity of WorkDocs. We were looking for a solution to securely share confidential information internally and externally that was easy to use and didn’t require extensive onboarding for users. We evaluated other solutions, but WorkDocs’ simplicity, auditing, security, and collaboration features, with low, pay-as-you-go pricing, was key to our decision to select WorkDocs.”

– Kapil Bharati, CTO, Delhivery


IMDb is the number-one movie website in the world, with a combined web and mobile audience of more than 250 million unique monthly visitors.

“WorkDocs has been extremely helpful to my design team. We are able to easily share, track versions, and keep feedback organized using the comments. The sync folder is a huge win, not only for faster upload of folders but for backing up our files. I also love how easy it is to review documents remotely using the iOS app.” 

– Danielle Corey, Head of UX Design, IMDb Professional Services


Condé Nast is a New York-based media company with more than 100 million consumers across its print, digital, and video brands. The company uses Amazon WorkDocs to facilitate file access worldwide through a variety of ISP quality levels.

“Our users span multiple continents, and we were looking for a solution that enabled them to store and access their files anywhere in the world. WorkDocs enabled our users to store their files on one service, and access their files from anywhere. And, we did all of this with no up-front commitments or long-term contracts.” 

– Demetrios Vasiadis, Manager of Digital Asset Technologies, Condé Nast

Gateway Engineers

Gateway Engineers is a full-service civil engineering and consulting firm that can design and manage a project from concept to completion.

“Our previous network file share created a lot of issues for our users. They had trouble connecting to them, and this slowed teams down because they couldn’t access the files they needed. Amazon WorkDocs makes it easy for everyone to access their files from any device, and collaborate with flexible sharing features and rich feedback.”

– Dragan J. Lazic, IT Manager, Gateway Engineers


Signet Maritime Corporation is a diverse international marine transportation and logistics services company. Signet Marine uses Amazon WorkDocs to allow their employees to share documents and collaborate on projects from their offices and aboard their ships.

“At Signet Maritime, we have a widely distributed international work force working across 6 regional offices and more than 30 ships. Our employees need to be able to share documents and collaborate on projects on a regular basis, on low bandwidth networks, in a reliable manner. Our previous network file share created a lot of issues for our users. Moving to Amazon WorkDocs enabled users to store, share, and collaborate on documents from anywhere on any device, vastly improving their productivity and reducing our overall operational costs.”

– Joshua A. Johnson, IT Manager, Signet Maritime


Stratus Solutions is an Amazon certified partner that provides specialized security, infrastructure, and development services to national security and commercial organizations and uses Amazon WorkDocs to facilitate document sharing and collaboration.

"We were blown away by the performance, security, and usability of WorkDocs. The robust API allowed us to fully automate deployment to our Department of Defense customer almost overnight, reducing overall time and labor. Compared to other solutions, we were very impressed with the thorough auditing features and out-of-the-box multi-factor authentication support available in WorkDocs. WorkDocs was clearly designed with security in mind, making our jobs much easier."

– Dede Dascalu, CEO, Stratus Solutions


Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry.

“Amazon WorkDocs enables Halliburton to host OpenEarth™ Community, a free, global and open community of scientists, engineers and software developers committed to producing a shared oil and gas software platform to lower costs and accelerate the pace of innovation. Each member of the community is provided with private storage to directly access content from their WorkSpaces, laptops and mobile devices. Community members have found WorkDocs to be a valuable solution and use it regularly to share information and collaborate across domains.”

– Deepak Gandhi, Manager PaaS iEnergy and OEC, Halliburton

Use cases

Collaborative Editing

With collaborative editing, users can work together to create content, and make changes to their Microsoft Office files without having to worry about switching applications or file formats. IT administrators do not have to worry about deploying additional software, or purchasing and managing software licenses. This feature provides one more way for users to create and edit content directly in Amazon WorkDocs, by integrating with Hancom Thinkfree Office Online.

Enterprise File Sync and Share

Using the Amazon WorkDocs sync client, files stored on WorkDocs are synced to your users’ computers, and available for offline access. Any changes made locally are automatically synced to WorkDocs, and other devices when they’re online. Windows and Amazon WorkSpaces users can use WorkDocs Drive for on-demand access to all of their content on WorkDocs through a mounted drive that does not store files locally.

Content repository for ECM

You can use Amazon WorkDocs as the underlying content repository for your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. The WorkDocs SDK can integrate WorkDocs with your existing business processes to capture, secure, analyze, backup, and share your content. You can also build your own ECM on AWS with WorkDocs. Building your ECM with WorkDocs means you can seamlessly scale your storage and users without worrying about performance issues or capacity limitations.

Team collaboration

 Amazon WorkDocs makes it easy for teams to securely collaborate and manage files. Users can create shared folders, and restrict access to only their team’s Active Directory user group and other invited users. With this, all of your teams’ files are stored in their shared folder on WorkDocs and can be accessed from any device, at any time. They can edit files using the default applications on their computer or mobile device in a few clicks, and save changes on WorkDocs.  With WorkDocs Drive, every file on WorkDocs is available in Windows File Explorer, and users can share files, invite users, store favorites offline, and open files in the web client. Teams can review and search the folder’s activity to see what’s going on, and view all feedback right next to their files.

Build content rich applications

You can use the Amazon WorkDocs SDK to simplify building content and collaboration rich applications. Using a few lines of code, you can use WorkDocs API calls for user administration, storage, permission management, sharing, commenting, metadata, labeling, and activity tracking. The Amazon WorkDocs SDK is part of the AWS SDK, so you can easily take advantage of the power of AWS for security, monitoring, business logic, storage, artificial intelligence, and app development. Amazon WorkDocs is a fully managed service so you don’t need to worry about provisioning hardware and managing infrastructure to power your content and collaboration experience.

Replace legacy network file shares

You can use Amazon WorkDocs Drive as your home drive without storing files locally. WorkDocs Drive streams files to your desktop on-demand, and you don’t need network file shares or additional storage devices. Every file on WorkDocs is available in Windows File Explorer, and users can share files, invite users, store favorites offline, and open files in the web client.

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