Posted On: Apr 29, 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Framework, a reference architecture that makes it easier for customers to set up Amazon CloudWatch dashboards to monitor Apache workloads running on AWS.

Apache is one of the most popular web servers to store, process, and display website content. However, Apache web server logs and metrics are not easy to collect, read or analyze. The volume of these logs makes it difficult for customers to quickly spot and respond to issues such as web traffic anomalies or security threats. Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Framework for Apache automates the set up a CloudWatch dashboard to monitor key performance metrics and logs from Apache web servers. The solution makes it easier to analyze web traffic patterns, determine whether to scale servers up or out, and detect bottlenecks or other performance problems. Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Framework is built on Amazon CloudWatch and uses several core services features such as metrics, metrics explorer, logs insights and dashboards.

You can get started with Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Framework in minutes by downloading the solution template from the AWS Solutions Library. Next, install the template in the AWS account where your Apache web servers are running. Configure your EC2 instances using the reference Amazon CloudWatch Agent configuration files provided. Once the EC2 metrics and logs are populated in the Amazon CloudWatch dashboard, you can start viewing system-level metrics like memory usage and TCP connections established, as well as process-related metrics like Apache CPU utilization. Additionally, you can get insights from your Apache web server logs to analyze web traffic patterns and understand how your application is performing. The solution is built using AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) so you can customize the default CloudWatch dashboards to meet your business needs.

To get started with the solution, visit the AWS Solutions Library or GitHub.