Posted On: May 26, 2021

Amazon EMR 6.3 release version now supports Apache Spark 3.1.1 and provides runtime performance improvements with EMR Runtime for Spark.

Amazon EMR 6.3 also supports Apache Hudi 0.7.0, Flink 1.12.1, PrestoDB 0.245.1, PrestoSQL 350, Hue 4.9, JupyterHub 1.2, Oozie 5.2.1 and TensorFlow 2.4.1.

Starting with Amazon EMR 6.3, Amazon EMR on EKS now supports Kubernetes Pod Templates to simplify running Spark workloads and control costs. Please see our documentation to learn more.

With Amazon EMR 6.3, you can launch a cluster that natively integrates with Apache Ranger. See Integrate Amazon EMR with Apache Ranger in the Amazon EMR Management Guide.

To align with AWS best practices, Amazon EMR has introduced v2 EMR-scoped default managed policies as replacements for policies that will be deprecated. See Amazon EMR Managed Policies.

Starting with Amazon EMR 6.2, Apache HBase on Amazon EMR added persistent Hfile tracking to improve performance with HBase on Amazon S3. Please read our blog to learn more.

Starting with Amazon EMR 5.31, Amazon EMR now includes EMR runtime for Presto, a performance-optimized runtime environment for Presto that includes custom performance improvements. With EMR runtime for Presto, your queries run up to 2.6 times faster. Please see our blog to learn more.

Amazon EMR 6.3 is generally available in all commercial regions where Amazon EMR is available. Please see Regional Availability of Amazon EMR and our release notes for more details.