Posted On: Jun 29, 2021

Session Manager, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, now supports free text search for nodes in the search bar of the Session Manager console. Customers can easily locate the node to connect to without knowing the exact value of a property such as Name or Instance ID. The free text search is supported for multiple properties of a managed node, including Instance ID, Name, Agent Version, Platform, Status, and many more.

Previously, you had to know the exact value of a node property, such as Name or Instance ID, to search for that node in the Session Manager console when starting a session to that node. With this release, you can now search for a specific node in the Session Manager console by simply typing the property value that you want to search for in the search bar. As you type, the console will display a list of all possible combinations of properties and values that contain the characters that you have typed. Select the combination that best matches your search criteria, quickly select the desired node, and start the session.

This feature is now available in all AWS Regions where AWS Systems Manager Session Manager is available, except in the AWS China Regions. To learn more about Session Manager, see the Session Manager documentation. For information about AWS Systems Manager, see our product detail page.