Posted On: Dec 8, 2021

AWS EMP now supports packaging for end-of-support (EOS) Windows Server applications where installation media is not available, through a guided user interface (UI) experience. With today’s release of the Guided Reverse Packaging (GRP) feature, customers can input files and folders related to the application and the tool will automatically search for dependencies such as registry keys and related files and present to the user for confirmation. Next, customers will have the ability to simulate typical application workflows to ensure the full scope of dependencies is captured. Customers can then generate the compatibility package needed to then be deployed onto a newer, supported version of Windows Server in EC2 with the running application.

Using the AWS EMP tool, customers can replatform EOS Windows applications onto newer, modern versions of Windows Server without any refactoring or code changes, increasing the security posture of applications. Whether or not installation media exists, customers can create a compatibility package for legacy Windows applications through a guided UI experience. To learn more, please refer to the EMP technical documentation or visit the EMP frequently asked questions webpage.