Posted On: Apr 7, 2022

AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) for Amazon MemoryDB enables you to define and use MemoryDB resources directly from your Kubernetes cluster. This lets you take advantage of MemoryDB to support your Kubernetes applications without needing to define MemoryDB resources outside of the cluster or run and manage in-memory database capabilities within the cluster. 

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is a Redis-compatible, durable, in-memory database service that is purpose built for modern applications with microservices architectures. AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) is a collection of Kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs) and custom controllers working together to extend the Kubernetes API and manage AWS resources on your behalf.

To get started, you can download the MemoryDB ACK container image from Amazon ECR and install in minutes. ACK for Amazon MemoryDB is available as a developer preview and is not recommended for production use. To learn more, visit the Amazon MemoryDB product page, and documentation. Have questions or feature requests? Email us at: