Posted On: Nov 15, 2022

AWS announces the availability of AWS Fluent Bit container images for Windows Server on Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS, to help customers easily process and forward their container logs to various AWS and third-party destinations, such as Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3, Amazon Kineses Data Firehose, Datadog, and Splunk. This capability helps customers to centrally view, query, and manage their logs without needing to implement or manage a custom logging solution or agents to extract logs from their Windows containers. With this launch, customers have a common mechanism to process and route their logs across ECS and EKS for both Linux and Windows workloads. For more details about the supported Windows versions and the image tags for Fluent Bit, visit the public github repository here.

Fluent Bit is a high-performance logging and metrics processor and forwarder across various operating system families. Customers can run an AWS Fluent Bit image as a standalone daemon task on Amazon ECS or as a Kubernetes DaemonSet on Amazon EKS to collect and route logs from their Windows containers to a centralized location. Customers can follow steps in the container blogs to stream Microsoft IIS logs generated by Windows nodes running on Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS. To learn more about running Fluent Bit image on ECS, visit this ECS tutorial.

Customers can currently run Windows containers on a number of AWS-managed container orchestration services (Amazon ECS (on EC2 and AWS Fargate), Amazon EKS, and Amazon ECS Anywhere), in addition to using self-managed options. Visit our public documentation for Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS to learn more about running Windows containers on AWS and visit public AWS Regions to learn about regional availability.