Posted On: Dec 16, 2022

AWS Storage Gateway introduces Terraform modules for deploying Amazon S3 File Gateways in VMware environments. You can now leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate and streamline the provisioning and configuration of Amazon S3 File Gateways, providing users with a faster, repeatable, and secure deployment option that can scale.

This new capability provides you with a customizable Terraform module that you can use to provision Amazon S3 File Gateways, and create all the resources and dependencies needed to fully deploy the gateway and file shares in your VMware environment. The Terraform module will provision the gateway VM, activate the gateway, configure the cache disk, join the gateway to a domain, create the S3 buckets, and create the file shares and map them to the S3 buckets. Customers can get started by downloading the Terraform Storage Gateway module source code on GitHub. Please refer to this blog for details on how to use this new capability.

AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service that provides on-premises applications access to virtually unlimited storage in the cloud. You can use AWS Storage Gateway for backing up and archiving data to AWS, providing on-premises file shares backed by cloud storage, and providing on-premises applications low latency access to data in the cloud.

Visit the AWS Storage Gateway product page, and access the AWS Storage Gateway console to get started. To see all the Regions where AWS Storage Gateway is available, please visit the AWS Region table.