Posted On: Mar 14, 2023

Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) is a scalable, serverless, highly available, and fully managed Apache Cassandra-compatible database service.

Today, Amazon Keyspaces added support for client-side timestamps. Client-side timestamps are Cassandra-compatible timestamps that are persisted for each cell in your table. You can use client-side timestamps for cell level conflict resolution by letting applications determine the order of writes. For example, when multiple applications make updates to the same data or when write operations arrive out of order due to variable network latency, Amazon Keyspaces uses these timestamps to process the writes based on the write timestamps of individual cells within rows. To use client-side timestmaps, use the USING TIMESTAMP clause in your Data Manipulation Language (DML) CQL query. With this launch, you can also use the WRITETIME function to see the timestamp value that is stored for a specific cell on tables using client-side timestamps. 

Client-side timestamps are available in all AWS Regions where AWS offers Amazon Keyspaces. For more information, see our documentation. If you are new to Amazon Keyspaces, the getting started guide will show you how to quickly provision a keyspace and explore the the query capabilities and scaling capabilities of Amazon Keyspaces.