Posted On: Oct 25, 2023

Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights introduces two new historical database cache options to provide customers more price/performance choices when configuring high-speed caching for their historical kdb clusters. The new 250 MB/s/TiB and 12 MB/s/TiB options are now offered along with the existing 1000 MB/s/TiB option. 

High-speed disk cache lets customers load data from the object-based datastore of their Managed kdb Insights database onto lower latency POSIX disk for faster read access from their cluster. The expanded set of cache options gives customers flexibility to pick the right price/performance level for their disk cache. Customers with larger datasets with less frequent access can select the 12 MB/s/TiB option to reduce costs while keeping more data available for quick access. Other customers with more intense workloads that typically access smaller ranges of data, could use the 250 MB/s/TiB or 1000 MB/s/TiB options.

These new cache types are available in all regions where Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights is available. 

You can see pricing for the new cache types on the Amazon Finspace pricing page. To see how to use the new cache types, you can review the documentation