AWS IAM Access Analyzer now offers policy checks for public and critical resource access

Posted on: Jun 11, 2024

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer guides customers toward least privilege by providing tools to set, verify, and refine permissions. IAM Access Analyzer now extends custom policy checks to proactively detect nonconformant updates to policies that grant public access or grant access to critical AWS resources ahead of deployments. Security teams can use these checks to streamline their IAM policy reviews, automatically approving policies that conform with their security standards and inspecting more deeply when policies don’t conform. Custom policy checks use the power of automated reasoning to provide the highest levels of security assurance backed by mathematical proof.

Security and development teams can innovate faster by automating and scaling their policy reviews for public and critical resource access. You can integrate these custom policy checks into the tools and environments where developers author their policies, such as their CI/CD pipelines, GitHub, and VSCode. Developers can create or modify an IAM policy, and then commit it to a code repository. If custom policy checks determine that the policy adheres to your security standards, your policy review automation lets the deployment process continue. If custom policy checks determine that the policy does not adhere to your security standards, developers can review and update the policy before deploying it to production.

IAM Access Analyzer custom policy checks are available in all AWS Regions and the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions where IAM is available, excluding the AWS China Regions.

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