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How does AWS evaluate the accessibility of its products and services?

AWS reviews the accessibility of its services and customer experiences referencing internal and external accessibility standards to help ensure services are usable and provide delightful experiences. This is done through manual assistive technology testing, functional testing by people with disabilities, and automated evaluations.

What is Cloudscape Design System?

Cloudscape Design System is an open source solution for building intuitive, engaging, and inclusive user experiences at scale. Cloudscape consists of an extensive set of guidelines to create web applications with accessibility at its core, along with the design resources and front-end components to streamline implementation. It was built for and is used by Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and services. It was created in 2016 to improve the user experience across web applications owned by AWS services, and to help teams implement those applications faster. Since then, it has been continually enhanced based on customer feedback and research. Learn more about the system.

What is an Accessibility Conformance Report?

Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) documents the degree of conformance to accessibility standards of products, services, and accessibility features. AWS creates ACRs using the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), a template developed by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI).

Where can I find the standards used in the evaluation of AWS products and services?

Customers can find this information in the Applicable Standards/Guidelines section of Accessibility Conformance Reports produced by AWS.

How can I access the ACRs?

ACRs can be accessed through AWS Artifact in the AWS Management Console. An AWS account is required to access the AWS Management Console.

Can't find the ACR for a AWS service?

Reach out to AWS Support for more information.

What formats are supported for ACRs?

ACRs are available as accessible PDF files that can be viewed or downloaded from AWS Artifact.

How can I provide feedback on AWS accessibility?

Feedback and suggestions can be provided by clicking Contact Us.