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  • Research

    Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services

    AWS Named a Leader

    In Gartner's first vendor evaluation specifically around cloud AI/ML environments, AWS is recognized as a Leader in this space with the highest score in both axes of measurement: Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.
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  • Ebook

    8 Leading Machine Learning Use Cases

    Solve business problems with machine learning

    Machine learning has moved beyond the hype to become a meaningful driver of value. Discover 8 common use cases that deliver fast, efficient, measurable results.
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  • Case Study

    Formula 1® eBook

    Learn how F1 is accelerating the fan experience

    Using data to teach Amazon SageMaker complex machine learning algorithms, F1 is predicting racing outcomes with increasing accuracy. Learn how F1 and AWS work together to develop insights and increase the action on the track for fans. 
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  • Video

    Machine Learning Video Hub

    See machine learning in action

    Watch these videos to see how AWS helps developers, data scientists, and decision-makers succeed with machine learning. Discover best practices, get expert guidance, and learn to address real use cases.
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  • Video

    Machine Learning Best Practices

    A Conversation on Machine Learning with Amazon

    Hear from Amazon leaders on lessons learned and best practices from Amazon in machine learning based on the company’s own experience applying the technology to everything from personalization to forecasting.
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  • Video

    Create Tomorrow with Data and Machine Learning

    Create tomorrow with data and machine learning

    Leading businesses are collecting real-time and historical data and using machine learning to automate purchases, create recommendations for gamers, accelerate product development, and much more. Watch this on-demand session from AWS Innovate to see how it’s possible.
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  • Video

    AWS Machine Learning Solves Unique Problems

    AWS Machine Learning solves unique problems

    Organizations are using AWS Machine Learning to improve the quality of healthcare, navigate the world's oceans, analyze the game of football, and optimize transportation logistics. See how AWS customers are applying machine learning today.
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  • Guide

    MIT Sloan: What Leaders Must Know About Data

    Your data strategy is key to machine learning

    Machine learning models are only as good as the data they ingest. Learn what it takes to leverage data for machine learning.
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  • Guide

    MIT Sloan: Transform Your Workforce with Skills for ML

    Upskill your workforce for machine learning

    As machine learning continues its march into the enterprise mainstream, leaders seeking to implement it are confronting the realities of a skills gap. Learn how to bridge that gap by upskilling your current workforce.
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  • Video

    Re:Invent ML Leadership Session

    Enter the golden age of machine learning

    Many of the constraints that once held back the application of machine learning are starting to disappear. Watch this leadership session from AWS re:Invent 2019 to see how the growth of cloud services is democratizing machine learning. 
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  • Guidebook

    Nucleus Report: Deep Learning on AWS

    A guide to deep learning projects in the cloud

    Deep learning has reached a commercially viable tipping point. See how it’s now financially and functionally feasible for your business. Read the latest guidebook today.
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  • Guidebook

    Nucleus Report: Amazon SageMaker Enables ML Savings

    Empower your developers to build, train, and deploy models quickly 

    Amazon SageMaker automates machine learning model creation, training, and deployment— accelerating dev cycles, reducing costs, and increasing developer productivity and agility. Access this research to learn more about the specific benefits of Amazon SageMaker. 
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    How Machine Learning is Driving Better Patient and Business Outcomes

    Machine learning in healthcare and life sciences

    Machine learning has the power to drive productivity, efficiency, and better results for researchers, providers, patients, and executives alike. Learn how machine learning drives higher levels of care, breakthroughs in research, and healthier patient outcomes.
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  • Article

    Transforming Healthcare with Machine Learning

    Learn how machine learning is improving healthcare outcomes

    See how healthcare organizations are using machine learning to increase patient engagement, put time back in doctors’ days, and ultimately improve clinical outcomes.
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  • Report

    MIT Sloan Report: Implementing AI

    Go from exploration to execution with machine learning

    In this MIT SMR Connections report, learn how you can take machine learning and AI out of the IT classroom and into the executive boardroom, maximizing the value of your investments.
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  • BLOG

    How AWS gets ideas for its new AI products and services

    How AWS gets ideas for its new AI product and services

    At re:Invent 2019, Amazon executive Swami Sivasubramanian spoke about a commitment to democratizing machine learning, and making its benefits available to all.
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  • Whitepaper

    IDC: Accelerate Machine Learning Development

    Build intelligent applications faster

    Learn why IDC says that any business can now quickly and easily leverage the power of machine learning—creating intelligent apps that boost efficiency and revenue.
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