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Leverage the most comprehensive set of artificial intelligence 
and machine learning services

Whether you are looking to enhance your customer experience, improve productivity, optimize business processes, or accelerate innovation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the most complete set of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services to meet your business needs. With readily available AI services, you can add AI capabilities to your business applications—no ML experience required—to address common business challenges. Data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts can also prepare data and build, train, and deploy their own ML models quickly with Amazon SageMaker, an end-to-end service for any ML use case offering fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows.

That’s why more than a hundred thousand customers, from the largest enterprises to the hottest startups, choose AWS AI and ML services more than any other cloud offering.

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Add intelligence to your contact center

Enhance your customer service experience and reduce costs by integrating ML into your contact center

ChartSpan, the largest chronic care management service provider in the US, decreased cost by 80 percent and increased staff utilization by 12 percent

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Personalize recommendations

Improve customer engagement and conversion by creating personalized web experiences through recommendations, curated content, and targeted marketing promotions

Lotte Mart, a leading South Korean hypermarket, saw a 5x increase in response to recommended products

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AI Use Case Explorer

Find your path to AI success with our AI Use Case Explorer. Discover the top AI use cases, customer stories, and implementation paths based on your business objectives

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accelerate your ML initiatives
Engage with Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab

Engage with Amazon experts

Build new ML solutions with confidence using the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab, which pairs your team with Amazon ML experts to ensure optimal outcomes

Build new machine learning skills in your organization

Build machine learning skills in your organization

Bridge the ML skill gaps in your organization using the same curriculum we use at Amazon—be it business executives, data scientists, or app developers. On-demand digital training available at no cost

Choose your AWS Machine Learning partner

Choose the right machine learning partner

Explore and build the right solutions to take your business forward with a range of consulting services and technologies from AWS ML partners

The most complete set of artificial intelligence and machine learning services

Choose from the broadest and deepest set of services that match your business needs—from end-to-end solutions and pretrained AI services to building your own models on fully managed infrastructures