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With our deep AI expertise and over 100,000 customers, only AWS provides the most comprehensive set of services, tools, and resources to meet your business needs. From builders to buyers; from data scientists to business analysts; from students to AI experts – AWS makes AI accessible to more people, enabling the next generation to build innovative, new technology. AWS offers the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications, grounded in model choice and flexibility, making it possible for builders of all skill levels and organizations of all sizes to transform their business. Built on over 20 years of AI experience at Amazon, AWS has helped enterprises, startups, and nonprofits unlock the value of their data with AI across every line of business, with end-to-end security, privacy, and AI governance.

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Add intelligence to your contact center

Extract insights and summaries from recorded conversations that help agents and supervisors better understand customer needs, identify call drivers, and detect emerging trends

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Virtual Assistants

Build powerful virtual agents, chatbots, and conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that generate human-like responses to customer queries, providing 24/7 customer support and freeing up human agents for more complex issues

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Searching Browsing Internet Data Information with blank search bar.businessman working with smart phone, tablet and laptop computer on desk in office. Networking Concept

Get comprehensive answers from corporate information, and execute actions based on that information, using natural human-like commands

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AI Use Case Explorer

Find your path to AI success with our AI Use Case Explorer. Discover the top AI use cases, customer stories, and implementation paths based on your business objectives

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Start your generative AI journey

Through inspiring stories of industry leaders and insights from AWS experts, you will learn how to apply 6 practical steps to chart out a successful AI strategy

Maximize the business value of generative AI

Learn the fundamentals of generative AI and how to leverage it to gain the most value.

Democratized, operationalized, and trusted

Learn how democratization, operationalization, and trust—the three keys to effective AI—promote successful outcomes in the generative AI era

Accelerate your artificial intelligence journey

Access a broad range of industry-leading professional services and training programs that can help you accelerate your AI initiatives
Engage with Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab

Engage with Amazon experts

Build new machine learning (ML) solutions with confidence using the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab, which pairs your team with Amazon ML experts to ensure optimal outcomes

Build new machine learning skills in your organization

Build artificial intelligence skills in your organization

Bridge the AI skill gaps in your organization using the same curriculum we use at Amazon—be it business executives, data scientists, or app developers. On-demand digital training available at no cost

Choose your AWS Machine Learning partner

Choose the right generative AI partner

Explore and build the right solutions to take your business forward with a range of consulting services and technologies from AWS Partners

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Generative AI with large language models

Enroll in the Generative AI with large language models (LLMs) course to learn the fundamentals of how generative AI works, and how to deploy it in real-world applications

The most complete set of artificial intelligence services and machine learning tools

Choose from the broadest and deepest set of services that match your business needs—from end-to-end solutions and pretrained AI services to building your own models on fully managed infrastructures