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AWS for Data

Put your data to work on the most scalable, trusted, and secure cloud

Data is growing faster than ever

Data is dynamic and comes in different formats, which makes it challenging to extract value. A modern data strategy can help you manage, act on, and react to your data so you can make better decisions, respond faster, and uncover new opportunities.

Make data a strategic asset

Discover how businesses like Vyaire Medical, Toyota Racing, and Expedia Group innovate with data.

Build your modern data strategy on AWS

With the most reliable, scalable, and secure cloud and the most comprehensive set of services and solutions, AWS is the best place to transform your data into insights.

  • Modernize your data infrastructure

    Building modern applications to support growing data requires modern infrastructure. AWS helps you modernize your data infrastructure with unmatched experience across all types of data, workloads, and use cases. Save time and costs while improving performance, availability, and scale.

  • Unify data by breaking down silos

    Making decisions quickly requires removing silos so you can put data to work effectively across databases, data lakes, analytics, and machine learning (ML) services. AWS helps you connect your data lake, your data warehouse, and all of your purpose-built data stores and analytics into a secure and well-governed system.

  • Invent new experiences and reimagine processes

    Data is the key to using artificial intelligence (AI), ML, and analytics to drive insights, predictions, and new customer experiences. AWS provides the broadest and most complete set of AI and ML services—along with built-in ML capabilities in our database and analytics solutions—to meet you wherever you are in your journey.

Reinvention is driven by data

Reinvention is driven by data

According to 92% of chief data officers and other C-suite leaders, organizational culture is the main barrier to becoming data-driven. Making data a more prominent factor in evolving business requires a cultural shift within organizations.

Solve your business problems with data

Make better data-driven decisions

Enable better decision-making by breaking down silos and expanding data access.

Improve customer experience

Understand your customers better and offer hyper-personalized experiences.

Stay ahead of the competition

Realize strategic goals faster and compete with data using analytics, business intelligence (BI), AI, and ML.

Handle customer data with care

Use improved privacy, security, and governance practices when handling customer data.

Optimize processes and reduce cost

Predict business outcomes, optimize and reimagine processes, and reduce costs.

Prepare for the future

Provide access to the right data at the right time.