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Making Money with the Amazon Mechanical Turk

Salon has published “I Make $1.45 a Week and I Love It“, a very interesting article on the Amazon Mechanical Turk. You will need to watch a short ad in order to read the entire article. The article covers the historic origin of the Mechanical Turk name, Amazon’s rollout of the web site, and requesters […]

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ACM Queue: AI Gets a Brain

The newest issue of the ACM Queue contains an article that I co-wrote with Felipe Cabrera (VP of Software Development at Amazon). The article, “AI Gets a Brain“, covers the fundamental concepts behind the Amazon Mechanical Turk. We start off with a historic review of the original Mechanical Turk (covered in depth in Tom Standage’s […]

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A Walk Through

Earlier today I spent some time using and found myself very impressed with the site and with what I was able to accomplish. The site implements a complete, requester-oriented interface to the Amazon Mechanical Turk. Using Hit Builder, it is possible to create and issue a series of HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) with just […]

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