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Amazon EC2 Container Service at AWS re:Invent

Amazon ECS Container Ship

AWS re:Invent is just a few days away and the Amazon ECS team will be there. To talk to us about how you are using Amazon ECS or to find out more about how you can use Amazon ECS for your applications, drop by the Compute booth or the developer lounge.

There are also a number of Amazon ECS related talks next week. Come hear from AWS customers and the ECS team about how you can use Amazon ECS in production today.

In the Compute track

CMP302 – Amazon EC2 Container Service: Distributed Applications at Scale (also being live streamed)
CMP406 – Amazon ECS at Coursera: Powering a general-purpose near-line execution microservice, while defending against untrusted code (by Coursera)

In the Devops track

DVO305 – Turbocharge Your Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Containers
DVO308 – Docker & ECS in Production: How We Migrated Our Infrastructure from Heroku to AWS (by Remind)
DVO313 – Building Next-Generation Applications with Amazon ECS (by Meteor)
DVO317 – From Local Docker Development to Production Deployments (by Docker)

You can also drop by to watch a lightning talk on Amazon ECS and continuous delivery.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas next week.

— The Amazon ECS Team