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Serverless Application Repository introduces Verified Author badge

Since its launch in February 2018, the AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR) has become a rich library of components and serverless applications for builders. SAR allows developers to share these applications privately within their own accounts, or publicly with a broader audience. Today, we are excited to announce that SAR authors can now apply for a Verified Author badge.

SAR Verified Author badge

This new badge appears next to the author’s name on the application card and detail page. This shows that AWS has reviewed the information provided by the requester and has confirmed the requester’s identity. Any consumers interested in your SAR application will then see who you are, and that you have been verified by AWS. The new badge is available in all AWS Regions where the SAR service is available.

Once a developer has been approved for the badge, any new SAR applications published under the same AWS account and author name will automatically display the badge. When you publish new versions of your SAR applications, your badge will continue to be shown. There is no need to recertify – once you have received the badge, it will automatically remain active in your AWS account.

The application process for the Verified Author badge is designed to be straight-forward, and only takes a few days to receive an approval decision. You will need to provide a link to your GitHub profile, which is used to verify your application. Follow these steps to start your application process today.

You can see the author’s status through both the Serverless Application Repository console and public search experience. To learn more about SAR, visit our product page.