Desktop and Application Streaming

Your AWS EUC guide to re:Invent

With only 20 days left to re:Invent, I’ve broken down our breakout sessions, chalk talks, workshops, and builder sessions into a few categories to help you find the right content: 1) introductions to EUC, 2) getting started with EUC, and 3) diving deep into EUC.

1) Introductions into EUC

These sessions help you understand how you can use AWS EUC services. The breakout sessions focus more on business challenges, while the chalk talks get more technical. It helps to have some working knowledge of AWS EUC services, but this isn’t required.

Breakout sessions

EUC210-L – Leadership session: End-user computing (diving into Johnson and Johnson and GE Renewable Energy‘s journey)

EUC338 – Why Carnival Cruise Line moved from on-premises VDI to Amazon WorkSpaces

EUC341 – Why GE Renewable Energy and Multiview stream their desktop applications

Chalk talks

EUC331 – Moving to SaaS? Deliver desktop apps as web apps with no rewrite (diving into Multiview‘s journey)

EUC334 – Give students access to applications for class through any computer (diving into Cornell University‘s journey)

EUC330 – Migrating your Windows 7 desktops to Windows 10 with Amazon WorkSpaces

2) Getting started with EUC

These sessions dive into how you can get started with AWS EUC services. All of these are on the more technical side. It helps to have some working knowledge of AWS EUC services, but you’ll learn what you need in the sessions.

Breakout sessions

EUC302 – Move your desktops and applications to AWS EUC

Chalk talks

ENT314 – How GE Power empowered its departments to manage & stream their desktop apps

WPS314 – Amazon WorkSpaces for Regulated Industries


EUC301 – Get up and running with Amazon Linux WorkSpaces

EUC303 – Build an Amazon AppStream 2.0 environment to stream desktop apps

CMP319 – Deploy graphics desktops for content production on AWS


EUC307 – Amazon WorkSpaces Disaster Recovery Best Practices

EUC321 – Getting started with Amazon WorkSpaces Linux

EUC312 – Provide secure mobile access to your intranet with Amazon WorkLink

3) Diving deep into EUC

These sessions really do dive deep into AWS EUC services. You’ll want to come with a strong understanding of AWS EUC Services, and then apply what you learn to your own EUC environments.

Breakout sessions

EUC404 – How Facebook deployed Amazon WorkSpaces globally

Chalk Talks

ENT316 – Well Architected WorkSpaces: Enterprise Deployment at Scale


EUC323 – Managing Amazon WorkSpaces by integrating AWS Service Catalog with ServiceNow

EUC318 – Create a SaaS portal for your desktop application with Amazon AppStream 2.0

EUC310 – Enhance your Amazon AppStream 2.0 environments: branding, automation, and other cost savings techniques

EUC313 – Scaling your Amazon AppStream 2.0 Environment

EUC326 – Visualize and analyze your Amazon AppStream 2.0 usage

EUC319 – Customize your Amazon AppStream 2.0 environment with session scripts


If you’re coming to re:Invent 2019, we look forward to meeting with you there. If not, we’ll post the recordings of these sessions soon after the event.