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AWS re:Invent .NET Recap

Jim Flanagan and I had a great time at re:Invent this year talking to all the AWS users. It was really interesting to hear all the different ways our SDK and tools are being used. We got some great feature requests and now we are excited to be back in the office to start working on them.

The video and slides of our talk on building scalable .NET apps on AWS are now online.

The topics we cover in our talk are

  • Amazon DynamoDB Object Persistence Model
  • Getting and Putting objects into Amazon S3
  • Using Amazon SQS to manage background processing
  • Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk customization to install a Windows service
  • Using Web Identity Federation to get credentials securely to our Windows Store App

If you weren’t able to come to re:Invent but have ideas for our SDK and tools you want to share, you can always reach us through comments here, through our forums, and through GitHub.